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Charity for Pregnant Women in Anatapur
Jul 15, 2012
Charity for Pregnant Women in Anatapur

In the last few months, the Shirdi Sai Global Trust began to support a local charity project in the city of Anantapur. The charity project is for pregnant ladies to receive healthy and nutritious food free of charge for the duration of their pregnancy.

On the occasion of the 4th month anniversary of Sri Kaleshwarʻs Mahasamadhi, this charity project was blessed by a celebration in a Sri Veerabrahmendra temple. After a homa to Sri Veerabrahmendra, the pregnant women were presented with grains and blankets. Also present were Katak dancers, who demonstrated their beautiful arts and orators gave inspiring speeches. This temple, with its powerful Veerabrahmendra Murti was supported during its construction two years ago by Sri Kaleshwar.

The charity project for the pregnant women is ongoing and plans are in progress to also support these women through their lactation period. At this time, one hundred ladies are included in the program.

Update from Penukonda...
Jun 28, 2012

While the government only provides grass for the animals of poor farmers in the drought area of Anantapur district, Sri Kaleshwar’s charitable trust provides, for more than one month, food for 400 to 500 farmers every day. They come from villages 10 to 15 km afar from Penukonda.

Feeding the Poor – Drought Stricken Farmers

This video gives a beautiful impression of the Dwarkamai in Penukonda as it looks now. The first reconstruction work has been finished. Taking Mother’s darshan and touching Swami’s samadhi and receiving its powerful silence is an amazing experience for students visiting the ashram.

Swami’s Samadhi, Dwarkamai, Penukonda

After a few week’s break, more and more students are gathering again in the Shiva Sai Mandir temple to receive Baba’s blessings at arathi time.

Arathi to Shirdi Baba in the Shiva Sai Mandir, Penukonda
Global Guru Purnima 2012
Jun 27, 2012

Guru Purnima is almost here and we would like to share with you a list and maps of all the group gatherings happening around the globe. It is an auspicious time to melt with the Master’s consciousness through the silence and celebrate the life of our beloved Swamiji and the entire Guru lineage.

Globalwide Gatherings

  • Students in Penukonda will be honoring and connecting to Swami’s Samadhi. A live video feed of some of the activities will be broadcast on Swami’s website,
  • The Shirdi Power Journey begins July 1st and runs through the 5th.
  • The event in Laytonville begins July 1st and runs through the 3rd.
  • Combined there are around 27 local groups celebrating in Europe, Japan and the US.

If you are not able to attend one of the GP events, you can also participate from home in a global wide meditation process. As much as you can, July 1st – July 3rd, chant your

personal mantra (PM) + Swami’s PM and/or Shakti Gayatri mantra

Also, join us all by remembering the golden moments with Swami. Guru Purnima is a beautiful time to recollect our fondest memories of our beloved Guruji, and is a way to implement Atma Sandhana Yoga.

Attached you find a list of all local group gatherings, maps, their contact information and event details.

Enjoy this sacred time with the Master and the silence, wherever you may be.

In addition, we heartfully invite you to share your Guru Purnima experience with us:

For Japan:
For the US:
For Europe:

Please include photos – especially a group photo!

Have a beautiful and blessed Guru Purnima!

Kaleshwar Bhajans from Penukonda!
Mar 23, 2012 kaleshwar

Singing Kaleshwar bhajans has been a vehicle for healing our grieving hearts and a significant part of bringing us together, in unity, to honor and send love to our beloved Guruji, now in maha samadhi, here in the Dwarkamai in Penukonda.

Through our devotional singing to Krishna we are sending the energy from Swami’s samadhi to the hearts of all students and all people around the globe. Following are 5 bhajans we sang together from the last global conference call. We hope you will enjoy the fragrance of these bhajans, which are filled with the energy from here and receive the divine healing and blessings to your souls.

May we all continue to grow the power of bhakti in our hearts through singing the bhajans, through healing the sick, and through taking care of those in need and may our inspiration magnify and radiate the beautiful universal fragrance of our divine master, Sri Kaleshwar.

Jai Guru Datta!

Sri Kaleshwar Takes Mahasamadhi
Mar 15, 2012 kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar, January 8, 1973 -- March 15, 2012
Sri Kaleshwar, January 8, 1973 — March 15, 2012

Our beloved Guruji, Swami Kaleshwar, took mahasamadhi at 3 pm Indian Standard Time, Thursday, March, 15th 2012.

It is natural for us as human beings to feel sadness and grief at the passing of such a great friend, teacher, guru and soulmate. But in the immortal ancient spiritual tradition that he dedicated his life to share with the whole globe, we most truely celebrate the divine life, sacrifice, works, and finally moksha that this great soul has achieved. Jai Guru!

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