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Visiting Construction of New Engineering College
Apr 19, 2008 education charity

Courtesy of Andhraprabha, Andhrajyoti, Eenadu, Vartha, Surya, Sakshi, Andhrabhumi

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On April 19, 2008 Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar visited the Sri Krishna Devaraya University to observe the progress of the construction of the newly built Engineering college. It was through his generous donation of $460,000 that this new Engineering college was able to be built. The building will be named Sri Kaleshwar Technology Bhavan.

After an 1.5 hours tour of the entire building, Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar spoke to the media. He expressed his sense of responsibility to look after the construction and its progress and said that he was very pleased by what had been completed to date. He expressed great appreciation of the participation by the officials of the University in expediting the building’s completion.

Thus far $200,000 has been funded, with an additional $60,000 forthcoming to assist in speeding up construction. Sri Kaleshwar has projected that the completion date of the total building will be by July 31, 2008.

Sri Kaleshwar further reminded everyone that he himself studied and graduated from Sri Krishna Devaraya University, and in return felt especially compelled to do something for this university. In addition to the Engineering College, he is also prepared to construct a dormitory as a living facility to be used for those students too poor and unable to find housing.

Sri Kaleshwar said that he was going to construct a Super Speciality Hospital in the drought stricken area of Penukonda, within Anantapur District. This hospital will serve to provide quality medical treatment for the poor. The construction of the hospital will start on August 14, 2008 and will be completed within 3 years. In addition to the main hospital a medical and nursing college will also be built.

Sri Kaleshwar spoke further about the development of the 100 villages which he is sponsoring. He expressed his inspiration and desire to continue this work no matter how much money it will take; his only desire being to develop those villages and provide all the needed facilities and development for each of these locations.

The officials present were University Registrar Mr. Krishna Reddy, Prof. Ramakrishna Reddy, Prof. Sudhakar, Prof. Malakondaiah, Prof. Prabhakar, Ex- Registrar Pro. Rama krishna Reddy and others were present.

Sri Kaleshwar Helps Child Who Lost Eyesight
Apr 16, 2008 medical charity

Courtesy of Surya

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In an unfortunate incident, a small and innocent young girl named Mamata lost her eyesight. Mamata was just 3 years old; while playing with her friends, a stick struck her eye and damaged her eyeball. As the parent’s of Mamata were very poor it took a lot of effort to get her treatment. Borrowing money from others they travelled to Bangalore, Anantapur, Kurnool and Puttaparti. Still, they were unable to get the proper treatment for their daughter which was extremely expensive.

On one Thursday the parents of Mamata came along with her to Penukonda and met with Sri Sai Kaleshwar, at Shiva Sai Mandir. They showed him directly how their daughter was perpetually suffering with her eye problem. Looking at her sufferings, Sri Kaleshwar felt very compassionate and at once called the doctors at NavyaSree Eye Hospital. He requested the staff to attend to the girl’s condition immediately.

The girl belongs to Islapuram village in Penukonda. Sri Kaleshwar assured Mamata not to worry and arranged funds for an operation that would significantly transform her life for the better.

Because the parents of the child were very poor and were in desperate need for their daughter’s treatment, Sri Kaleshwar compassionately and without hesitation provided all the aid requested.

The parents of the little girl expressed their deep apprecitation to Sri Sai Kaleshwar for giving their daughter a new life by providing all that was needed for her operation.

They said were very thankful and in their lifetime they will never forget this kindness, and will always remember the real blessing that Swamji had given their family.

Nutritious Food for HIV Children
Apr 09, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Eenadu, Andhraprabha, Surya, Sakshi, Andhrabhumi, Andhrajyoti, Vartha

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Sri Kaleshwar distributed nutritious food for HIV effected children at Penukonda this April. On this benevolent occasion, he said, “each and every person should come forward to help the people who are suffering with this dangerous disease, while trying to make their lives happy and giving a sense of self-confidence to them. We should also try to support them to turn towards God. We should take responsibility for the welfare of HIV effected people and in the eradication of this dangerous disease.”

He also added that, “people will do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, which has proven to be deadly to these kids and was also making the future of these kids dark.”

This program was organized by the Krushi Village Development Society. Sri Kaleshwar has also provided all financial support for this Society. The society’s president, Mr. Ramnjanayulu, expressed appreciation for his kind financial support. The persons who participated in this program included: Mr. Bhaskar Reddy (Shirdi Sai Global Trust official), Mr. Bedi who was the President of Young India Project, Women’s’ Welfare Trust and others.

Free Eye Camp at Hindupur
Mar 03, 2008 medical charity

Courtesty of Andhraprabha, Andhrajyoti, Vaartha, Surya

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A free eye camp was been organized by Navyashree Eye Hospital at Hindupur. The local M.L.A. Mr. Ranganayakulu was invited as chief guest. In his speech he praised Sri Kaleshwar for conducting free eye camps for the poor patients who can’t go to private hospitals for their eye treatments due to their economic difficulties. Mr. Ranganayakulu also praised him for his other charitable activities organized for the betterment of the poor people.

The other’s who were present on this event were: the CPI leaders Mr. Dada Peer, Mr. Suresh Babu, Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Reddy, Municipal Chairman of Hiundupur Mr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Konka Mallesh who was the Managing Director of Navyashree Eye Hospital, Mr. Ramanna Manager and others.

Mr. Konka Mallesh, in his speech, said that this free eye camp was organized with the financial support of Sri Kaleshwar and he will extend these free eye camps for other places as well.

In this free eye camp more than 250 patients received treatment. Among this group, 67 members were badly in need of eye operations and were shifted to Navyashree Eye Hospital in Penukonda. The following day the hospital conducted free eye operations. Sri Kaleshwar, on behalf of Navyashree Eye Hospital, generously provided all transportation, boarding, lodging, medicines and spectacles.

Developing Penukonda
Jan 29, 2008 infrastructure charity

Courtesy of Andhraprabha

Sri Kaleshwar and SSGT donated $250,000 (one crore rupees) for the development of Penukonda municipality, affecting 18 sections of Penukonda Village. Cement roads were constructed.

In addition $70,000 (30 lakhs) has been reserved for development of a “Model Market”, which would infuse into older, rundown areas of the district. This work would provide badly needed sanitation and drainage facilities for the town. Sri Kaleshwar has also committed to constructing a Community Marriage Hall, which will be particularly useful for the poor people.

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