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Message from Swami
Nov 11, 2011

My dear divine souls,

This is your Swami.

The subject is the divine bee and the beehive, how the bee gives the nectar in the nature. I am talking the philosophy of Shakespeare here.

My time right now 2.30 am. I want to tell you, I am in Tirupati, seeing Lord Venkateshwara, just I came from him. I had a great darshan of Venkateshwara, the illusion master here.

The fact is, no matter what, the content of the ancient information needs to get out to the globe.

Since 14 years the elephant group I appreciate their work, but I am not satisfied, but of course, I am satisfied, I can be satisfied so far.

Whatever it is, be aware of the value of the charity work and the humanity.

The Mother is nothing but illusion, illusion is nothing but creating the nectar.

I hope the students are aware Mother Divine is creating both the hassle and nectar.

Even Lord Krishna and the Krishna avatars bring the nectar using the sudarshana chakra with certain enemies, devil characters. To do an amazing job and bring the reality of the ancient palm leaf books to the globe, we also need to take care of the devil energy in a nectar way.

Try to look in depth to the nectar hidden in the palm leaf books. The philosophers, any character, can see what is hidden in the palm leaf books. I’m ready to challenge the globe and stand for the truth, whatever it is. The amazing students on the planet – I hope my student’s kingdom who are following Jesus, Babaji, Shirdi Baba, all the divine souls – will try to protect the nectar and bring humanity peace and wisdom and stand for the truth and create truth on this planet. Don’t think I am tired and exhausted from an 8-9 hour drive right now. I am with Gary and Terry, non-stop working for the divine mission. I hope you guys will also be protective, and stand for the truth and create the nectar and bring nectar to the globe.

So far Babaji, Shirdi Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, are enough. So, my dear divine souls, these bullet points are the recommendations that I want to give.

In the divine mission the devil, the crazy angle, will activate. Fine, no problem, I’m ready to fight for that, definitely will fight and fire for the divine mission. This is the time to be strong enough and be in unity to bring the divine mission to this globe.

This is Swami’s mission and I’m giving this message on the website in this last factor, before going off time, try to cooperate and give prayers, let’s stand for the truth and try to do charity work and bring peace and wisdom to the planet.

I love you divine sisters and brothers, no matter what, take care and stand for the truth, never ever lie, don’t be in hallucinations, come out. Work hard, come to the reality, Students need to learn the amazing knowledge, especially the senior students, tomorrow you can check on the website who is really reliable to do a good job.

Yours lovingly,

Swami Kaleshwar

Swami on Maheswhari Conference Call
Apr 26, 2011

Sri Kaleshwar joined the Maheshwari conference call this week and gave a beautiful message.

Good morning, guys, I hope everything’s going well there by the grace of Mother. So far I have been listening to your talk, guys, a pretty good long time. It’s quite amazing you guys are doing a great job there.

But some confusion points. It’s my advice to make the link to the Sri Chakra, womb chakra and astas siddhis. And, after the five elements comes into one form, what is that? That’s the right good question. But it’s also a good puzzle to everybody. Try to figure it out. Swami is walking right now here near the fountain in the Mandir, walking toward the garden, facing the east.

So, it’s totally pretty good inspiring me, all the American souls. The globe, one part I completed a part in Europe on the Vaastu tour seeing different people’s livelihoods (the way they live), their spiritual practices, and what vibrations are hidden in their houses all angles. It was a pretty long time. Somehow, the energy blocked me to not be able to come to the U.S. But quite amazing students, quite amazing souls, received amazing experiences, that one step is done.

The second step, yes, of course, the asta siddhis and the five elements making in one element, and, of course, manifestation and re-manifestation, and moreover, all the yogas linked with asta siddhis and the different consciousness of the samadhis.

  1. For example, like in the pyramids, what type of souls are hidden in the pyramids, the mummies?
  2. Of course, what type of the energy is hidden in your body?
  3. Where exactly can you identify the soul in your body?
  4. How to take your soul through your Brahma Consciousness as a generator and make it implement through the operator through the consciousness?
  5. And, finally how to merge within your womb chakra, forever and ever, to stay, be alive whenever you want, to go by guru sankalpam, guru order, back again to rebirth and do your job on this planet, or wherever this type of planet exists in the galaxies?
  6. Of course, there are thousands of planets like the Earth. Science is a small kiddie. Spirituality is a big unbelievable ocean. It takes a long time to discover, to find the Reality, the nectar of the divine souls and the normal souls. To fulfill the real nectar is only possible through satya, dharma, shanti, prema, those four points. And, the fifth point, what is that? That you need to figure out.
  7. And the soul, where exactly is that activating in your body, even though it’s rolling (rotating) in it? And, how to play with that?
  8. The healing abilities flowing through your body using the Sri Chakra. Adi Shankara found that and Veda Vyasa Maharshi, how he discovered that (the Sri Chakra)?
  9. How Vishvamitra Maharshi, through his kama energy, re-manifested heaven and manifested the Gayatri Mantra and gave the Gayatri prayer?
  10. Is your physical body immortal, the Earth immortal, the ocean immortal or Mother Nature immortal? What is the final immortal in our consciousness?
  11. You need to figure out, to be merged in the womb chakra. If the womb chakra really has that capacity, linked with Sri Chakra, what is the Mother in the Sri Chakra? That is the mystery of the Sri Chakra.

All these are making the majority of the links.

So, with the shakti, power, next, bhakti, devotion. Without either one, you cannot win the Mother. The asta siddhis are nothing but all Her healing abilities, the eight weapons to destroy the negativity of the horrible actions of this planet. So far, we’ve seen that Big Boss, Jesus Christ, got crucified, in a part of the Mother’s action. A lot of divine souls, even though they know how to decharge through the elements, are still going through a hard time, unable to know the consciousness levels. At which consciousness level did they get stuck and have to suffer like Ramana Maharshi, Paramahamsa, Jesus Christ, Shirdi Baba? A lot of divine souls were not able to push it in a strong way. They were always focusing on, “Who I am? Where I came from? Where I am going? Where is our final destiny?” That one part, that one branch, they discovered.

But you, guys, what your Swami so far – my biggest austerities on you guys – is to make you more strong enough to focus on it. It’s the most important, most important, to experience the Mother Nature, test it, and implement it, the consciousness levels of the Brahmananda, chinmayananda, satchitananda — these stages. To implement sattva, tamo, rajo gunas, the Generator, Operator, Destroyer.

Many years back, I told you guys about Japan, the Mother Nature, yes, She might pretty good hit it. She hit it. When I was in the Europe, I really tried to come to America, but somehow Baba pulled me back to his power spot in Penukonda. Again, I came back here. Still I’m trying to come to America, Europe, and Japan, too. And pretty strongly, I’ve done some yogic kriyas like what Vishwamitra Maharshi did to make Mother Earth to be controlled, and make the water element to be controlled, and the fire element be controlled in a proper way. A lot of amazing souls were not able to handle Her aggressive nature. Pretty good, I did my job, in Dwarkamai.

The (Immortal Enlightenment) is most important program that I’m giving in my lifetime, as long as the Mother Nature will keep me alive here. I’ll try my maximum best to hang around with physical body and give the Immortal Enlightenment Course to make sure that you really understood and completed that process.

And next thing is the Big Boss, Jesus Christ’s, life. He was also kind of pure avadhut, an amazing divine soul who can help to the whole universe in a positive way. If the students are making more blooming powerful healers, again those healers making again healers, then my mission will be complete. To help each other to be as a union; it doesn’t matter if you believe in Buddhism, or whatever religion you follow, still you can follow it, but the nature is the nature, elements are the elements.

To make it exact, to fix the elements in a proper condition, that is the talent, for you to really play with your soul, then you can play with the Divine, any soul, in a beautiful way and pull it. Through that, you can control Mother Nature’s aggressive nature through the Shiva energy. That Shiva energy you might think is the kama and kala chakra. Yes, once if they both get together, birth and death, kama and kala, like Surya Nadi and Chandra Nadi, full moon energy and new moon energy. Everything is in you, hidden in you. It needs to be opened up. All the angles of the channels (need to be opened) and you need to recognize your clarity and your real destiny to win the nectar hidden in the flower to create the form of honey.

The honey you cannot judge how much sweetness is hidden in it compared with castor oil or different oils. Salt and camphor look the same. Until you taste it you cannot judge what is the reality there. There are many masters, gurus, babas, swamis, professors, and a lot of healers that exist on this planet. But to decide whom to follow, and how far you have to follow, how long you need to stay with them for the processes, that depends on your soul capacity, open heart, dedication and determination. No matter what, you want to win the victory. Any testing, any illusions, any blocks, whatever frustrations you’re going through in your family life, your business life, of course, I know how much you are going through, your heartbroken and pain, all the stuff. It’s all a part of the game of the Mother. It’s another kind of tsunami earthquake. Simply ignore that. [It’s making you] not able to recognize your consciousness stages.

Of course, I will make you to go… your soul can go, first of all, inside in your womb chakra, then I can make it go to the Mother’s womb chakra, and in the Sri Chakra once you really have the good commanding on the Sri Chakra.

That’s why I made many people draw the womb chakra and burn it is to make the purification keep happening, since your soul has existed here since millions of years, thousands of years, depending on the person. To find the Reality – satya, dharma, shanti, prema – the final one point, you’re missing it. You know the Na Ma Shi Va Ya, the five elements. But one element, you’re missing. That is the Immortal Enlightenment; that is what I’m going to teach.

Without power, you cannot help the universe. Without bhakti, devotion, you cannot help. Mother Nature is waiting, She’s just stopped and is just observing. Whatever Her action is going to be, I have to be very gentle with what I’m going to do, and implement it, different souls, in a beautiful way. It doesn’t matter if there is a lot of nuisance, comments and illusions flowing on me, simply I smile, “Good, good, good, She’s coming this angle, right, thanks, no problem.”

So, my dear divine souls, it’s good, what you’re doing. It’s a very big opening to me. The Mother Nature is pretty good positive so far until now. We’ll wait and see, shradda sabuuri – to come to America and make you prepared for the Immortal Enlightenment, and make Laytonville and some more students stronger. And, you’re happy to come to India and participate in the Immortal Enlightenment Course.

Of course, you might think, Swami, I don’t have time, money, business, I can’t do it. If your heart is open — money’s not a matter —you can apply. Even senior students, who got huge blocks and are taking a lot of my time and energy I put them on the waiting list. Some senior student might be able to help them in the future. But it’s advisable to hit Mother India, this ground, your gurusthan here in Dwarkamai in Penukonda, and to go to the different flowing rivers. I don’t want to explain where in India. But make sure the doctors will take care, really take care if you got sick in the process, or, the worst case, for a cobra bite, I’m here to take care. But some injuries – to the seva crew here I’m giving a hint – be mentally prepared to help the people. From my side, yes, I’m ready. From yours, mentally you should be ready.

Until the Immortal Enlightenment, try to chant as much as you can the 9 Arrows and chanting the Shakti Gayatri. Don’t forget, in the Shakti Gayatri chanting three times the bijas: aim kleem saoum. That is the most important. If you keep chanting Shakti Gayatri – what Vishwamitra Maharshi discovered – is like chanting the four Vedas. It very powerfully helps to your consciousness level.

Moreover, more depth, again, I’ll come in the different way, on the conference calls, explaining in depth. If you have questions, write the group leaders, they’ll come to me and clarify it, and again I’ll join you guys.

I’m working on, so far, going to Japan, America, then Europe. Once in Europe, then London to Simone’s center, then back to India. So far that’s my plan, we’ll see the Mother Nature, how She’ll implement.

All the best, and peace of mind, and good health. My prayers and my love are always with you, no matter what, the Guru Parampara is with you.

And try to be strong unity, as much as you can, to PULL me to America. That is your strongest desire and wish, you have to PULL ME!

Thank you so much guys, have a nice day! Good luck.

Message to Japanese Students
Apr 20, 2011




強く自信を持って下さい。今はあなたがあらゆる点・あらゆる角度において自信を持つべき時です。何であれ、あなたはとても決意したハートである必要が有ります。そしてグルパランパラに従いなさい。もしあなたがそうしたのなら、ああたが大きな建物の15階にいても何も乱されないでしょう。マザーの性質は日本の国のあなた達に触れないでしょう。状況が静かになって落ち着くということに私はとても自信があります。これ以上問題は起きないでしょう。でもあなた達全員が参加する必要があります。ここペヌコンダのあなたのパワースポットからエネルギーがあなたの魂に転送されるでしょう。スワミから学んだ人は誰でも、ヒーリングをするようにしなさい。たくさんの能力・チャンネル・あなたが受け取ったパワーオブジェクト- 指輪、シバリンガム、像、金、ブレスレットなど何であれ- を使って、パニック状態にある人にシャクティパットをしなさい。その人々の魂にヒーリングをしなさい。それは自動的に彼らの痛みとパニックを吸い取るでしょう。できるだけ早く実行しなさい。村井さんとその家族が私がそのセンターに行ける様に仕事をしてくれていることと思います。私はビザの状況が明らかになれば喜んで日本に行きます。何であれ私はそこに行きます。何であれ私はそこに行きます。そしてスペシャルプジャに参加することを勧めます。私はそこで講義をして、そしてもし必要ならば予定外にもう一日滞在します。そしてあなたの人生にたくさんの明晰性と明瞭さを与えます。


Global Conference Call
Feb 18, 2011

Sri Kaleshwar gave a powerful and inspiring conference call to his students in America, Europe, and Japan. This call was given a week before the powerful Shivaratri program was to begin in Penukonda. Please find the different calls below

Conference Call With Students in America

Hi guys, this is Swami. I hope everybody’s good and everything going well with you guys and just I heard about your little bit talk. Sounds great, wonderful. So, the beautiful full moon. I am walking in the garden in Penukonda, in ashram. It’s late—midnight here and I’m looking forward to seeing the Shiva Ratri to the students to the preparing for them to the different layers. Especially to the immortal enlightenment and connecting to the Shiva/Shakti, the Shiva energy and the cosmic levels, step by step.

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Original Talk in English

And moreover, since my fourteen years—my dream, fourteen, fifteen years, the book of the Jesus Christ, I completed. It got printed it, it’s ready to go in the world, thousands of books it got printed it. So, I waited, waited—finally it is unbelievably hard work and thousands of nights, no sleep and super dedicated and concentration with the evidences and with the strong proofs, and I traveled whole global wide as much as I can, and I seen lot of evidences—with including the palm leaf books and power objects. All the stuff. And I’m really grateful who be supported to me to write the book and according the basic and the ancient palm leaf books and taking the—all the examples, and putting it—including in it. Examples is clear evidence.

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German Translation

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Japanese Translation

I’m not criticizing any religion, any belief system. It is purely the belief system of the clarity of the Panchabhuta, Shiva/Shakti energy and even including the Jesus Christ and the Buddha, Paramahamsa, Shirdi Baba, Babaji, Ramana Maharshi—all these type of avadhuts, abhors and aghoras and how the Shiva energy is really implementing in this planet. And where is the miracles and the attachments, the diseases and a lot of healing abilities, and hey—beautiful parrots is flowing on me…wow, beautiful wind here. Good. It’s a good omen.

So, the point is here, I covered all angles, all kind of with clarity information and prayers and all step by steps. I’m looking forward to you guys to win it. And I know it is a little bit maybe the open confusion—some people, but I’m ready to face it. The monkey mind characters-face in sense, they have their own belief system. But I have the evidence and the proof what I written it. Practically I tested it. I seen it. I proved it. I’m ready to prove anywhere, anyplace in the globe. Period. About the Jesus Christ and the masters, the avatars, the book. Whatever the consequences the Mother Nature is going to give—want to play, and implement on the masters—whoever upcoming in future, including me, I know how to protect them by grace of the Mother, Father—we’re ready.

So, I’m declaring here— now is the time to start to our open challenging to demonstrate, to heal each others, to create the peace and wisdom and real nectar—the real abbreviation of the what is mean by love and affection in depth of the—more depth of the spirituality. Different country have the different culture—heritage, art, different belief systems. They might think, this is a cult, this is real, this is fake, this is not fake.

Once you started to jump in, in the depth of the spirituality, step by step you will get it. I know there is a small block between the master and the student—unnecessary gossips, somebody’s they are putting the poisoning in their minds, who is innocent people, who is wanting to know about the divine, and the divine cosmic, the channels. But please—that is the biggest crime and putting your own masala. Masala means your own craziness without not having enough clarity and making a clear judgment—Shirdi Baba is a little crazy, Ramana Maharshi is wearing a small cloth and he is walking like a (with a) very tiny cloth and he lived his whole life like that.

We cannot able to judge to you to decide what we need to decide—Ramana Maharshi has to wear like a perfect proper dress like this and that and this. Leave it whatever he likes it he want to leave it and get what you wanted. If you cannot get it, you can walk out. Like that, even the big boss, Jesus Christ, he tried his maximum best and he suffer for us unbelievably and he shared a lot of information and knowledge. The knowledge is lost for long time and again it’s came back. Even I entrusted lot of students—trusted means in sense to choosing them and preparing them as the really powerful masters—I want to see their patience and their real calabirally how depth they really can go and implement the knowledge and bring the peace and nectar and wisdom in the planet.

Many students I given the permission as a teaching permission, ‘yes, go ahead go and teach the Vaastu principles, go and start the healing techniques—many, many processes I given it. After little time later, they’re turning back, again starting to unnecessarily nonsense stuff and putting their own knowledge and they are ruining the information. That is the biggest crime. Today, I told the elephant group and a lot of people also today in the meeting few hours back in the bhajans timing, ‘learn first the ancient—the telegu and sanskrit and you read with your own eyes, then you can talk, the palm leaf books—what it really says there. It’s not your Swami message. Go (to the ) Vatican—what is there? What are the symbols is there? Come Penukonda. See the temples here in Penukonda. What is in the Vatican, the statues is existing, what is in Penukonda the statues—on the days, thousands of years back, what is existing even now in Penukonda—in Hampi, in Tirupathi, in Kalahasti? Lot of places is keep existing it.

So the master’s they’re trying their maximum best to prepare the powerful, the reliable, strong, unity masters in the planet. But you guys—there is a big communication gap. Maybe..or your biggest ego problem? Maybe the master wants to see you in depth—how depth you really can go and can stand for the truth and reality, whatever it is. So, many people, I’m not blaming it, I traveled, I traveled, I traveled and I saw many cultures, many hobbies but I never criticize any person their personal habits. Slowly I what to make them to become very normal and come back in a real life.

Of course I know your problems—financial problems, relationship problems, heartbroken and lot of blocks, confusions and not enough clarity—everything it will all come out. That’s why Baba always he tells, “Shraddha, Sabhuri.” Practice and Patience. Patience—I waited, I waited, I waited, I waited. Finally I made it. I made it!

So, my dear divine souls if you can able to come to Shiva Ratri, I’ll start the program to making you guys to the immortal enlightenment step by step then Guru Purnima we’ll see where is the Almighty is decide wherever it will be it will be very precious place and auspicious place in a beautiful river area like beautiful river flow area. It could be in Benares—could be any place but I’ll declare on Shiva Ratri but keep watch on the messages. And Shiva Ratri especially you can read the Guru Day message is there. I sended it for the healings and disease and certain sicknesses, who is really under the problems with the heartbroken and how to get it and exact time and the prayer. Give me couple more days and I’ll give the further information what type of prayers you need to do that period of exact timing—on exact timing I’m going to release here from in presence of the Baba, the homas, the fire pumas is running—that vibrations it will reach you.

And if you want to make a power spot just you can send the mail to me directly I will download that and I can make it or just you can send it, your picture then I can send it back to you that your power spot is done—that’s enough. You no need to send your personal mantra to me too—just your picture is enough. It helps. Your Swami cosmic energy, Guruparampara cosmic energy is entire the globe is covered. No matter what—where you are, the Guruparampara knows how to reach you. No matter what.

So my dear divine souls I am really so thankful to the all the majority of the European students and American students and a lot of global wide—a lot of students, especially the teachers they done so far wonderful good job. Please make more inspiration, dedicatedly, commitetdly—do your work no matter what. Create the peace. Bring the knowledge. Make the strong bridge. Change the belief system of the crazy ideas of the Guru and the Master and the Swami. If you go on the website of the Kumbha Mehla—how the Shiva Prakshalana especially, that highest lengthy process I completed in the London groups, very fast track. But don’t think in certain angles in a negative way—crazy. Think in a positive way how it really looks and if you really look at the Telugu Datta movies it is existing. If you go internet how the Dattatreya life is it? Even you understood or not you can look at it and you can see the way of his life, how he lived as Dattatreya.

Baba is nothing but Dattatreya; the Guruparampara. And never underestimate the Jesus Chirst, his life. He’s unbelievable top number one healer in the planet—number one person who really suffered that much open challenge, he took it for the Nature. And the Mother Nature, whatever she done it on him, he suffer for us. If you believe in him, he really forgives you. He really take cares you.

Finally just I want to say one thing. All the teachers come be one strong line. Work—be as a strong unity. No matter what—strong unity. Unity makes perfect. Many people might think, "Swami I am not able to come to the Immortal Enlightenment—I don’t have the money, I can’t afford it, I’m sick, I’m very old—but still, I really want to learn. Yes. Don’t worry. I will find the way to you and the Guruparampara will reach to you. But try if you can able to come. or…who knows—the master might show up in front of you there in your country wherever you are. We’ll see.

But first priority I want to see you guys in the wherever the Guruparampara, your power spot, your Gurusthan spot first, starting from here then we’ll start our Immortal Enlightenment course. And the Shiva Ratri day also is the most, most, most important powerful Shiva Ratri energy processes running—that five days your Swami will be under fasting and chanting the jappas and all the stuff—whatever. The ancient traditional—the master’s they done it. I’m doing it and all the most senior teachers whoever is giving the healings and certain strict diksha we’ll be here. And if you have any further questions, clarifications, don’t hesitate it please contact the student office here in Penukonda then I will respond it back to you guys as soon as possible.

And good luck and God bless to all divine souls. Good health, peace of mind to knowing the Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema. Have a wonderful time guys. Have a wonderful day and nice time and thank you Nityaananda and Monika. By the way, I like the America—especially California state. First time when I landed I landed in Minneapolis International Airport—late midnight. It is super snow. I missed the connecting flight. And they arranged the hotel—I don’t know how to go to the hotel. Hardly I cannot able to speak English. And I stayed in the airport it’s a lengthy story then the first time I visited in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is southwest central—the White Eagle house, in south central. It is a beautiful place and I visited there. it is a beautiful experience and a lot of people they gave panic to me—‘Swami why you stay here—this, this, that.’ But anyhow it is a lovely, beautiful country. Everything will go smooth by grace of Baba and The Mother Almighty. Good luck guys, have a nice time. See you then. Take care, bye.

Conference Call With Students in Europe

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Original Talk in English

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German Translation

Conference Call With Students in Japan

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English with Japanese Translation

Hi, Guys This is Swami from India from ashram in Penukonda, and I’m sitting under beautiful tree and Murai and his daughter , and beautiful Japanese people are also listening here in ashram. They are taking very serious process with high experiences they are going through at the SR time.

Of course all my Japanese students, you all guys are in my heart, it doesn’t matter if you are here or not. Yes still my energy and my blessings will be with you

Just 3 points I want to explain to you guys.No.1 , just go through the GDM yesterday what I gave the conference call to the Americans.

It will be existing in your system, you can go through and you can see it and if you have any more questions you can write to me and I will answer it back.

Last night conference call to Americans , my voice and everything , try to listen to it.

Of course I’m planning to come in May 1st week to Japan to Murai center, By Baba’s grace I’ll be there and I’ll spend beautiful time with you. I’m looking forward to seeing Japan. In meanwhile especially SR timings, try to chant as much as you can the sky mantra and your PM . I know how much you are busy, at least 1 mala is enough if you can do it . Or you can go for 1 hour or 2 hours, from now today onwards as much as you can, keep chanting and chanting. That helps you decharging and a lot of purification.

Lot of purification, lot of making your soul grow, it is happening from now today onwards , to all the Japanese students. Wherever you are try to share with all your friends as my message.

And every a few days, once try to see your email, GDM it will be especially to Japanese it will be a brand new message to them ,and you can follow that instructions. keep make it follow it.

If it is possible, when I come to the May 1st week program, as much as you can if you have time, come and do the special pujas. it helps your family’s purification huge and developing your spiritual path very fastly.No need to waste unnecessary time.Make it fast track.

Day by day the world, Mother’s nature is increasing high in positive and also in some negative. No need to worry. Your Swami is here. It is natural all the way ups and downs. criticism and comments .Positive and negative it is equal. It keeps going on. Ignore it and Just concentrate on GPP.

For example if mother has 5 kids ,5 children have 5 different habits, 5 different type of ideas and 5 different type of thoughts. Like in the World ,different different type of people have different type of belief system,comments and criticism. it is natural.

You do your job. I’ll be here wherever I am. I know how to send the blessings and take care of you no matter what and which condition you are, GPP and your Swami is there with you and protect you and take care of you.

Try to see the Guru Day Messages, and upcoming if you have questions, please contact to Shiva Sai mandir Penukonda here.

A few beautiful groups are here. They will also share their experiences and of course the energy is also flowing to you in your life and your family members. I will come back a few days later for one more conference call . By Before SR I’ll give 2,3 more conference calls and Guru Day Messages. Step by step how to even you are in your country how to develop your process step by step.

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Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust Feeds 250,000 Poor At Krishnadevaryaya’s 500th Year Celebration
Aug 08, 2010 charity hunger

August, 2010, Penukonda, India: Andhra Pradesh celebrated the 500th anniversary of coronation of Sri Krishnadevaraya, emperor of the Vijayanagara kingdom. Considered one of the great rulers of medieval India, Krishnadevaraya’s 21-year reign marked a renaissance of literature and arts and broad religious tolerance. Hampi was the seat of power. Penukonda was the second capital at the King’s summer palace where you can still see the ancient buildings across the road from Sri Kaleshwar’s ashram.

The month long celebration throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh culminated in a three day celebration in Penukonda in mid-August, 2010.

Concerned about the throngs of impoverished people expected to attend the celebration, Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust worked with local and state authorities to set up five food stations to help feed the multitudes. The Trust dedicated one food station to support students from dozens of local schools participating in the celebrations.

The Shirdi Sai Global Trust donated over 300,000 packets of water, 11,000 KG of rice and other foods that fed an average of 75,000 people a day over the three day celebration. Seva volunteers and ashram staff worked day and night to serve the community. Forty-two people cooked the food at the ashram, using over 12 tractor loads of fire wood. Fifty volunteers worked in the five stations, delivering and serving the food and cleaning up. They served over 285,000 plates over the course of the three day festival.

Residents of Penukonda and Andhra Pradesh expressed their gratitude to Sri Kaleshwar for his concern for the needy and providing food and water during the festival.

“I am Adinarayana sir. Many people here are from below the poverty line. They can’t have the food outside or in the hotels. So Swami did the very good thing for the poor by arranging the food and water facility. For that Swami is very great and hats off to Swami.”

“Government is spending crores of money on this function arrangements,” said Mylarappa, from Penukonda. “But they got failed in arranging food and water facility for the people who are coming to this function. But Swami is arranging this facility for the people. This food donation is more affective than any other. That’s why I am praying to God to give more blessings to Kaleshwar for his service towards the people.”

“We are from the Parigi Govt. school. On the event of Sri Krisna Devaraya 500 years celebrations we came here to visit the historical monuments and places in Penukonda. Before reaching here we thought about the buses and facilities for our students. But after reaching here we find good food and water facilities provided by Swami Kaleshwar, and he included the Krishna Devaraya’s prosperity and prestige by providing all these facilities. These facilities are good. I am thankful to Swami for giving me this opportunity on behalf of Parigi Govt. high school.”

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