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Swami Gives Message During US Conference Call
Jun 26, 2010

During the June 26th, 2010 conference call with US students, Swami gave the following message:

Hi my dear divine souls. This is your Swami. I keep hearing all the discussions that the beautiful two angels, Monika and Clint, are speaking on in a beautiful and amazing way.

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I want to tell you one thing: dedication, determination, devotion and direction with pure clarity. Who has that, will always succeed. It doesn’t matter what problems you’re carrying. If you don’t have the determination, if you don’t have devotion, if you don’t have the right communication with the direction in a clarity way, you’ll definitely get diverted. Once you get diverted, then you don’t know in your life’s journey where you’re going to. It’s the most important thing you need to think about it.

Number two – love. Love is the most powerful weapon. Criticisms, comments, are natural to creativity persons. Even in your life, in your Swami’s life, in everybody’s life, criticism always comes and goes. It’s like the ocean waves. Each ocean wave, that wave wants to touch the sky. It keeps trying to touch the sky but it cannot touch the sky. Like that with the blaming characters, it’s natural they keep trying to disturb. That is the nature phenomena. You don’t need to worry about it.

Why I’m making this core point, in the content of these points, in our lives a lot of up and downs keep coming. Good things are happening in your life. Bad things are happening in your life. Whatever is happening in your life, nothing you need to worry (about). If you really believe in the Divine Court, the Divine Court will decide the right judgment.

Number three – help ever hurt never. Many people think their own crazy phenomena, ‘Oh Swami did this. I did this. Twelve years I dedicated to this. Fifteen years I practiced this. Thirty years I practiced this in spirituality and there are no results. There is no help in the right direction and right determination.’ Those types of people we cannot help them. Doesn’t matter if they spent millions of dollars, millions of rupees, millions of euros, tons of gold, diamonds, whatever it is. It is hopeless.

Love is the most fragrant essential in your life. Love will take care in all angles to short cut in an amazing beautiful way. Short cut in sense of, it doesn’t matter how much you’re going through, you can win through the love more than the sword power. Sword only can kill one or two, three, four, five persons. Mahatma Gandhi took care in all angles through peace. Peace, once you develop that, is unbelievable nectar. To developing peace in your heart, is not a joke. Mahatma Gandhi brought freedom to the Indian country. Every Indian currency, each Indian coin, has Mahatma Gandhi’s picture there.

Peace has that much power. Peace will come through the love. Love will come with patience. Patience will come with satisfaction. No blaming nature. Who has a blaming nature and a lot of unpredictable doubting nature, it’s highly impossible you can succeed, my dear divine souls. It’s the most important thing; try to develop peace in your life. Peace will give the compassion. Compassion will give the love to you. That love will lead your life forever and ever until to your last breath. Nectar and victory.

Thanking you so much. Your Swami and the beautiful angels, Clint and Monika they’re doing great good job. Your Swami’s always available. Guru Purnima is coming very soon. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

All my love. And I pray to God Divine, the Mother Nature and Father, for good health to every divine soul who’s listening my voice and peace of mind and clarity hearts.

My blessings, my prayers are always with you. Thanking you.

Love you guys. Take care.

Additional Books and Transcripts Available in the Bookstore
May 14, 2010

Sri Kaleshwar advised to make the best use of this important time in our spiritual lives by developing our soul capacity through meditation, japa and study of the ancient knowledge. To better understand the knowledge that he will be releasing in future volumes of Jesus’ life, it is necessary to review what he has previously taught. To help this effort, additional books and transcripts are now available.

The following books and transcripts are now available in the bookstore:


  • Portfolio: Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust
  • Kaleshwar, Vol I
  • Kaleshwar and Me
  • Sai Shakti Healing — 108 Healing Techniques of Sri Kaleshwar (downloadable ebook)
  • Paramashiva Yoga — The Path to Mother Divine, Shiva, & the Guru Parampara (downloadable ebook)


  • Chandra Nadi Process — Sri Kaleshwar eTranscript: Chandra Nadi Process, Laytonville Oct 2009
  • Surya Nadi Process — Sri Kaleshwar eTranscript: Surya Nadi Process, Laytonville Aug 2009
Guru Day Message and Audio from Swami...
Apr 28, 2010 guru-day-message

Hi. This is Swami from Penukonda. Welcome back. I’m here. Your Swami is speaking from the Jesus Temple. Today I had the long discussion with some beautiful divine souls. It’s wonderful. Yes. Three bullet points I want to tell you:

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I’m pretty good busy — I know I keep saying this — working on the book. You know that. Pretty good, a lot of people are working as ghostwriters. It’s wonderful. At the same time, before you go through other editions of my subject please have a look at previous knowledge what Swami so far has teached. Then, the next episode, what your Swami’s going to explain, with evidence, with ancient information, in a clarity way. (I’m) ready to stand in front of any place, in front of anybody, with the ancient palm leave’s evidence. Today I’m openly talking, my dear sisters and brothers, please understand and get clarity in your mind, no matter what. You should know which way your Swami is going through the knowledge, what direction he’s going. You have to know in all angles, the divine description. It’s important, my dear divine souls.

So far, for thousands of years, a lot of the ancient information was hidden and got crashed. Let it come out. I’m a small peanut to pull that information out. Of course, I have the grace of Baba, and Jesus, and Mother. I’ll pull that information. I’ll get it in front of your feet. Let (make it) available to everybody in the nature, in the planet. Let it be an open challenge to any scholar, any professor, any intellectual, whoever it might be, any religion person. I’m ready to be and answer, to stand there to speak the reality that I know that I’m producing on that content. Before that, please you should know the information, the clarification of Swami’s mind, the healing techniques whatever Swami has taught so far. The books are available in Europe and America, everybody, wherever it is. They’re available, have a look.

Very soon I’m coming in front of you, guys. First, get clarity. Without getting clarity you can’t judge your Swami that easily. I’m not threatening, I’m asking, go through, (ask), “What is the reality?” It’s important. My divine souls, I’m not against any religion, any philosophy. I love every divine soul on the planet. I will die for every truthful person. Truth is my life. My life is the truth. Go through that (the previous teachings) then we’ll discuss very soon.

Your Swami’s giving you a powerful nectar. That nectar will create the victor. The victor will create the history. The history will create the unbelievable wisdom on the planet. It will remove the darkness on the planet, on the globe. Why we need to hide? There are a lot of divine channels, what we don’t know what your Swami is researching, so far. What I’m reaching on, I’m putting in front of your feet then you’re the right judge, guys. Each individual divine soul. Whatever your judgment is, is my divine blessing. Please pray for this divine blessing to come out on the planet. It’s coming out. Watch out. Before that, please have a look in all angles (of the knowledge).

This, my same voice, today I’m walking in the Jesus Temple — very strongly. I’m putting this voice on the website. Everybody should listen to this voice. Listen and walk in the divine truth way. I’m humbly respecting before you go through any knowledge just get some small idea about your Swami and his teachings.

Of course, I love you forever and ever. Don’t mistake me (because) my voice is a little aggressive. This is the time for me to talk. This is the way. You’ll know again I’ll come back in a different voice.

All my love, with lovingly, Swami. Take care. All my blessings for your health, for your wisdom and for your peace. Take care.

Transcripts and books are available from Swami’s online bookstore

Audio Message from Swami About the Mother Nature Phenomenon
Apr 19, 2010

Dear Divine Souls,

Unfortunately, the volcanic eruption in Iceland made it necessary to cancel Swami’s program in Hanau, Germany on Sunday. Almost 700 people were scheduled to receive the teachings and initiation on the Chandra Nadi from him there. This is yet another in a series of extraordinary events that have affected the release of the ancient knowledge to the world.

Obstacles have come, beginning with media attacks in the Penukonda newspapers which began a short while after the release of Swami’s first volume of his book on Jesus at Shivaratri. The stories were baseless and unjust, an attempt to stop the sacred information from being released. However, Swami’s students around the world began to pray for Swami and chant the Nine Arrows for the truth of the ancient knowledge to come into the world. On April 6th,TV5 aired a half hour television documentary on Swami with interviews from the people in Penukonda. They came forward to voice their support and faith in Swami, and their impassioned plea for an end to these stories. The people shared the profound effect Swami has had on the quality of life for all the villagers and his wide spread support and charitable work on behalf of all the people in the region.

Despite all these reactions from nature and society, Swami remains focused and continues to work night and day to complete his work. These reactions are symptoms of the Mother giving birth to the ancient knowledge — Swami explains his message on the US Maheshwari Conference Call on Saturday. Here are Swami’s words:

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Hello, Welcome to Everybody,

Hey, guys, I just want to speak to you for a few seconds. To everybody I want to give a small message. The Mother Nature phenomenon, whatever She’s doing, is temporary; there’s no need to get panic. It was also the Big Boss, Jesus Christ; he told me not to go to Germany or anywhere until the Mother gets relaxed. Please be strong enough. Nothing will happen; we’ll be ok. The truth and reality is coming out very soon.

Please try to do your strong meditations and processes and improve your soul capacity as much as you can, guys. This is not the time to improve your financial abilities. It’s time for you to improve your soul ability more and to trust Baba and Jesus and Mother, and your Swami. I’m there with you, no matter what. So, my dear divine souls, please try to understand and cooperate with the mission of your Swami, the ancient information that I’m doing night and day, hours together, working and working, working, working and reading and typing and reading and typing and reading. It’s ok, but keep go, keep chanting your Mahakali Prayer, Nine Arrows, and Shakti Gayatri, as much as you can in your life.

Of course, the nature is a little crazy right now. Everyone’s watching it. It will go a little more crazy but no need to get panic, guys. Mother is always kind and loving. Right now, She’s giving birth, a baby; at the time She’s having the pain. The baby is the information coming out. No need to misunderstand about the Mother and Father. Everything will be ok. You can see what is going to happen as soon as possible. Beautiful things. More more more more beautiful things will happen. No need to get panic. Your Swami is always with you and the Guru Paramapara is with you. Try to improve your austerities power. The nature is a little aggressive. It’s ok.

Try to communicate with the senior students they’ll guide you in a proper way. Monika and Nityaananda, they’ll always talk because of me. Whatever they give, whatever message, just you think, “Swami’s giving the message through them.” I love you, guys. Have a wonderful day. Please continue your processes and lead your life. I’m heartfully blessing your health and peace and prosperity, and to your family, and to everybody.

“What is the Truth?” A Television News Program about Swami
Apr 06, 2010

A 30-minute television news program about Swami called, “What Is the Truth?” was produced by TV5, a well-respected Hyderabad television station. It interviews the people of Penukonda and captures their upset at the recent events and comments that have come unfairly on Swami.

“What Is the Truth? The People of Penukonda Speak Out on Swami Kaleshwar”

TV5, April 6, 2010, Translated from Telugu

One Person Interviewed:

“Many people came to the ashram in Penukonda for Shivaratri. Our Swami is doing a lot of things to help the people of Penukonda by providing many social services. Satya Sai Baba and Sri Kaleshwar are here. He is receiving difficulties from political people but still continues to serve and take care of the people very well. The people of Penukonda are happy. The blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba are in Penukonda. Even though Swami is facing a lot of criticism from people around him he’s not worried about all that, he just continues to help the people.”

TV5 Video, Part 1

“The people of Penukonda support him a lot. He is doing good things in all directions of service. Swami gave a donation to build a marriage hall for Muslims. He treats all people in the same way. He has many supporters in Penukonda who say he is a very good person. Critics are coming on him but don’t believe it, just support him in all ways. Just support him.”

“This place is a very historical place. There are great monuments and ancient buildings and temples. Critics are focusing on those monuments and are creating a disturbance. Some criticism came that Swami is destroying monuments but that is false. He is supporting them.”

“He donated 20 lakh rupees for the Muslim community. There are many poor people living in Penukonda. He gives opportunities to people who don’t have jobs and gives food to them. Penukonda once was a famished place. No facilities, no roads and no water. Now, the picture of Penukonda has changed because of Swami. He has developed Penukonda with water facilities and proper roads. People had to travel great distances to get water, but now it has changed because Sri Kaleshwar had given water facilities. He has changed the picture of Penukonda with all the money he has given in support of the development of facilities. Swami has implemented welfare programs for the local people. He pays for more than 300 students to go to college. 300-500 eye operations are taking place every week at Sri Kaleshwar’s eye clinic.”

TV5 Video, Part 2

A local political leader gave this statement:

“Swamiji achieved a prosperous status because of his strong devotion to God. Like Jesus Christ, Swami attained a devotional and disciplined life so God has blessed him. Some people, a few days ago, are making disturbing comments about the ashram. Those statements are not correct. I’m calling to the people to stop making unnecessary commentary on Swamiji. I know him very well. He’s a very good person. He has reached a prosperous place and achieved it all at a young age this makes some people jealous.”

Another local political leader:

“After Swami established the ashram, many people came to worship Shirdi Sai Baba and made Penukonda place a holy place. I’m appealing to all local political leaders to stop the unnecessary commentary. We are lucky to have Swamiji and the ashram and be able to visit him and receive great relief.”

“Swamiji is always healing the people. When people tell their difficulties to Baskar Reddy and Naga Reddy (ashram trustees) they immediately help them. We have to keep our strength and our trust in Swami.”

“Many people who visit the ashram come to help. It is nothing but Swami’s blessings and the will of God. The people who come to visit the ashram (the foreigners) are helping. Our Swamiji sees no difference between religious castes. He helps all people seeing no difference between caste, color, and creed. For Muslims he donated the money to build a marriage hall.”

So what is the truth, what is the fact…we have to know?

“People are jealous and making unnecessary comments on our ashram. Sri Kaleshwar has implemented welfare plans for the local people bringing benefit to them. He will do no harm to any person. Local papers are accusing encroachment of land, but Swamiji paid all the necessary money to occupy the land. He is on the side of the poor people; he’s helping. People don’t want to disturb or have disturbances come on Swami because he is helping the local people. The people of Penukonda are asking to stop these unnecessary comments.”

“Swami did not destroy any temples. Don’t believe it. He developed the land. He developed an ashram and is helping the people. He’s helping anyone who is coming to him. Some people are questioning how Swami is getting the money to give. Where he brings the money to feed his family. It is none of our concern or business where he is getting the money. People are suffering from extreme poverty. People who approach Swami, he is helping them. He is giving it. He does not want other people’s money.”

“Try to understand Swami’s activities. He’s improving the society. Improving the lives of the local people. Local people are coming to Swami for help and he is helping them. Also, nearby districts are also receiving help from the trust.”

“Sri Kaleshwar maintains the religious harmony. He doesn’t show any difference between Hindu, Muslim, or Christian. He’s created free medical camps for the local people and free schooling for the poor. Swami is doing a lot to help mankind. "

What is true and what is untrue?

“Some political leader has great jealousy on Swami and has created a nuisance for him. Swami achieved a great prosperous status but some people cannot accept this so they are making these false comments to the local news people. Because they made a complaint, the police came and checked the entire ashram. But the police gave clean check. The local government is satisfied with the statements of the police.”

“How did Sri Kaleshwar come to be a light to Penukonda and to the people? He created welfare programs and opportunities for devotional activities. Through this he became dear to the people and became a famous personality. There are two personalities who created devotional outlook and are famous because of it, Satya Sai Baba and Sri Kaleshwar.”

A retired bank officer came to Penukonda 8 years ago. The reporter asked him how he felt about Sri Kaleshwar destroying temples. His response:

“Since 8 years I don’t know what temple he destroyed. I didn’t hear that he destroyed. He bought the land. He is helping the poor. So many people are benefiting. Swami is equal to God. Why are you complaining about Swami? Think about how he’s helping to build hospitals, schools and helping the poor people. He’s going to build a hospital and Penukonda will become a super city. If we lose his service the poor will lose. We have to appreciate what he is doing. Wealthy people are not helping. Stop the unnecessary comments on Swami. He is really a sweet fruit available to the people.”

Another comment:

“When I saw the statements in the newspaper I thought this is not hurting Swami, this is hurting the local people who are benefiting from the support he is giving to the people of Penukonda. Some political people who cannot believe the prosperity and development of the ashram and are making unnecessary comments.”

“Many rich people, great people, authors, well educated people, political leaders, know what Swami is doing. But some are trying to create opposition and nuisance to Swami and to the local people.”

Reporter asks another person, “Is Swami a curse or a boon?”

“Swamiji is nothing but a boon. There was a lot of heat here and the crops were dying. It is hard to have all the resources for this area. Swami is a boon to this area because he has created facilities and pipelines for the water supply, giving water to drink to the people. We, the people of Penukonda, did so much good in our past lives that we have achieved such goodness now, that is why Sri Kaleshwar Swami came to Penukonda. We are the lucky people.”

Another person:

“I’m challenging the people who are complaining to come and see for themselves. But they are not coming, they are only commenting; it is not good. Swami is not creating any difficulties. Why are you making unnecessary comments about Swami?”

“Since before the year 2000, the situation in Penukonda was extremely bad. People had to walk long distances to get water. Swami helped Penukonda by bringing the water to the people. He is improving the lives of the people. He donated money to create new tanks and a water pipeline system so we can have a glass of water easily. Before we had to beg for water, but now it is available thanks to Swamiji. Ask any local man if Swami is a great man for the people.”

“The political status of Penukonda there was no proper development, but then Swami came and established his ashram and he helped a lot. He became a boon to the local people.”

Another man commented:

“A man living in Penukonda could not find a woman who would want to marry to him because she would not survive here, she would die because there was no water. Now, since 2000, water is available to the people of Penukonda.”

Another commented:

“Swami brought the spiritual life across the globe. People came to visit our holy place because Swami is sending his spiritual message across the globe. Sri Kaleshwar is helping, but there are people who are canvassing in a bad manner. It is a local vice. He is performing devotional and local rituals for the people of Penukonda.”

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