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Sai Kaleshwar Donates 25 Lakhs for Flood Relief
Oct 03, 2009 infrastructure charity

Courtesy of The New Indian Express

Spiritualist and Shirdi Sai Global Trust chairman Sai Kaleshwar has donated Rs 25 lakh for flood relief. Sai Kaleshwar handed over a check for Rs 12 lakh drawn in favour of Apco to Penukonda deputy tahsildar K Seshu at Shiva Sai Mandir today.

Handloom fabrics will be purchased for flood victims with the sum. Another check for Rs 13 lakh was also handed over to the deputy tahsildar. Sai Kaleshwar urged the District Collector to purchase essential commodities with the amount and distribute them to flood victims.

Surya Nadi Process in the US
Sep 02, 2009
View Video and Photos from Surya Nadi initiation
View Video and Photos from Surya Nadi initiation

At the Schweibenalp event in Switzerland in early August, Swami announced that after three years of not coming to America “the doors are now open” for him to come and asked his American students to prepare for a one evening event in America. The US Seva Team had only three days to prepare for this remarkable and historic opportunity to have Swami again on American soil.

It was a whirlwind journey for Swami, as he traveled first to the Vatican to see the evidence of how India is linked there, then to Switzerland, to Frankfurt and finally to Laytonville, California in the United States. With less than 72 hours notice, the US Seva Team worked day and night to prepare the event in Laytonville. During this time, Swami spoke on several conference calls to his American students. He poured his loving sankalpam to come and to give the first of a two-step process: the Surya Nadi process, and the Chandra Nadi process.

On August 16, 2009 over 260 American students gathered at the Church of the Divine Lineage in Laytonville and awaited the precious darshan of Sri Kaleshwar. At the event, Swami spoke about the importance of these two processes. He said, “There are two processes in the planet. One is Surya Nadi, second is the Chandra Nadi. Surya, sun, Chandra, moon. These two nadis—So-Ham. We breathe in, we breathe out.” He went on to say that if you are experiencing many headaches in your life, if you know how to decharge them through your breath in and breath out, then you can protect yourself from negative karmas. “That much power is hidden in your breath,” he said, “the whole part of your energy chakras are linked with your breath in and your breath out.”

Swami went on further to explain the depth of how these two nadis (channels) can have a negative effect in your life if not balanced in your soul in a proper way. “It keeps disturbing you. You suck that disturbance through the Surya nadi, the breath in—you will suck a lot of illusions and it will give the depressions.”

During the program, Swami performed a Surya homa, a fire puja of the sun, in order to awaken the light in every soul; to bring out the healing abilities and to connect to the Mother. “Surya, sun energy is nothing but a great Creator for all creations,” said Swami as he described the benefits of the process. “That energy, a spark of energy is in us. To awaken that spark in us very strongly. Once it is strong, there are no more illusions, no more depressions, no more heartbrokens.” In addition to the Surya homa, Swami gave a powerful shaktipat transmission with a special sandalwood paste.

Through the grace of the Mother, the Father and the Guru Parampara, Swami stated, “Once you did the Surya process, then the next stroke, the Chandra process. My package is to make you to connect to the big boss, Baba, Jesus and Mother and complete your spirituality as soon as possible. You might have Baba darshan, Jesus darshan – doesn’t matter where you are.”

Swami went to America as a soul doctor, to give a huge energy transmission, opening the hearts to God and to the Mother forever and ever, to awaken his students to become strong healers on the planet. “My biggest mission,” said Swami, is “to see you as a strong healer on the planet. I want you to demonstrate certain great unbelievable things on the planet more than Jesus.”

After the initiation, Swami gave permission for all those who attended the program in Laytonville to give initiation of the Surya Nadi process with the special sandalwood paste to others. The response to this was overwhelming. Over 800 people have started the process in America alone, now in Europe almost 600 people have begun the process as well. It is spreading through the globe like a divine wildfire.

Swami will return to Laytonville, CA on October 17 & 18, 2009 to complete the next stroke, the Chandra Nadi Process.

SSGT Holds Swine Flu Prevention Clinic, August 5th, 2009
Aug 29, 2009 medical charity

Courtesy of Sakshi

In response to the growing global concern about the threat to public health by the Swine Flu (H1N1) virus, the Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) along with the Penukonda Police Department conducted an educational meeting on August 5th, 2009 in Penukonda, India. The purpose of this meeting was to explain the facts regarding swine flu to the local people, to teach them how to prevent the illness and to distribute preventative medicine.

A distinguished panel of senior community leaders, local officials and doctors emphasized the importance of education regarding swine flu. Those in attendance were informed that there are 3 stages of this virus: A, B and C. The first 2 stages, A & B, are considered not as dangerous as the 3rd stage, C. In order to reduce the risk of contracting this virus, it was explained that care needs to be taken with regard to sanitation and hygiene around the house and community.

Specific measures, such as the proper use of surgical masks, avoidance of high-risk situations and ways to strengthen the immune system were explained to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus as well as ways to limit its spread throughout the population.

The local people were advised that in case of any instances of flu symptoms such as vomiting, high fever, and respiratory complications, they should immediately report these to their local hospital. Public health posters about the swine flu virus to be placed throughout the community were shown to those who attended.

All the speakers and local officials expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the SSGT for supporting this Swine flu educational seminar, as well as the distribution of large quantities of medicines to those who attended.

Procession Through Penukonda
Jul 07, 2009

During Guru Purnima 2009, students took Swami on a procession through the village of Penukonda like Shirdi Sai Baba allowed his disciples to take him through the streets of Shirdi. A large photo of Baba was placed on a tractor wagon, which was decorated with garlands of flowers. All of the students walked through the streets of Penukonda singing, led by an orchestra of Indian musicians, while firecrackers exploded, finally arriving at a small Shirdi Sai Baba Temple where Swami paid his respects to Baba.

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Guru Purnima 2009
Jul 07, 2009
View Video from Guru Purnima
View Video from Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima – the Full Moon of the Guru – is one of the most important festivals in India. It is the time to celebrate one’s spiritual master and teacher. Many people travel thousands of miles to spend just a few precious moments with their guru on this auspicious occasion. This year, over 500 students from over fifteen countries around the world came to Penukonda to celebrate Guru Purnima with Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami. It represented a new milestone in the growth of the ashram. Never before in the history of the ashram had so many people attended a program.

Swami went into high gear even before the program officially began by meeting with students as they started arriving at the ashram. He spoke of the need to really know what one’s expectations are, to be able to implement the spiritual gifts received forever and ever, to stay focused on one’s target and to dedicate one’s life to the Divine to create a mission of peace, wisdom and pure love for the planet.

Swami clearly stated that whenever you know exactly what you want, you’ll create the victory. He said, “Love is immortal. Love is a bond. Once if you have that commitment bond, you will have the victory. Have a bond with the Guru Parampara. Have a bond with yourself, your dedication. Your determination will bring you the success.”

As the program began, Swami announced that this Guru Purnima would include the first initiation for attending the Immortal Enlightenment Course and that next year’s Guru Purnima 2010 would be held in Europe, followed by 2011 in Benares. He emphasized the importance of unity and said, “Once you are really as a group with a strong unity, you really can create such a bliss in this mission.”

On July 5th, Swami said that every Avatar has two things in the planet – love and power. He said, “If you have only one, it’s very hard to lead the planet, to lead the souls. Every spiritual being who wants to get enlightenment, the first thing is love – Satya (truth), Dharma (duty), Shanti (peace), Prema (love). Second is the power. The miraculous power. Without power, especially in this Kali Yuga, in these upcoming days, if you really need to heal, to help in the future, the power needs to be utilized to take care of a lot of aspects.”

Throughout the Guru Purnima program, fire pujas were held in the morning to receive the blessings of the Divine. Petals from 100,000 lotus flowers were also offered to Baba and then these protection petals were distributed along with sandalwood paste for all the students to take home as powerful protection and to insure the success of their spiritual process. Swami told all the students to share these Mother Divine protection petals with all their students back at home.

Guru Purnima day began with an amazing abishek in the Baba Temple during which many sacred substances were offered to Baba. Afterwards Swami gave shaktipat to all in attendance. Following the abishek, Swami proclaimed that he had never seen Baba looking so powerful and announced “now it has begun.”

Later that day, the senior students asked Swami to allow them to take him on a procession through the village of Penukonda like Shirdi Sai Baba allowed his disciples to take him through the streets of Shirdi. A large photo of Baba was placed on a tractor wagon, which was decorated with garlands of flowers. All of the students walked through the streets of Penukonda singing, led by an orchestra of Indian musicians, while firecrackers exploded, finally arriving at a small Shirdi Sai Baba Temple where Swami paid his respects to Baba.

That evening, young local children performed traditional Indian dance on a stage in the Main Garden. Both the students and the ashram Indian staff and their families enjoyed the colorful costumes and lively performances. At the conclusion of the performance, Swami asked the head of the dance school what he needed. When the man replied that he wanted to build a new school, Swami immediately presented him with a check for 500,000 rupees. Afterwards Swami said, “I really want to say one thing to you. Help whoever comes to you if in your position, and you really can do it, don’t hesitate. Do it. Whenever you start to think of your own selfishness, you never ever grow. You never ever? Grow.”

Through the divine guidance of Swami, the hard work of hundreds of seva volunteers and the grace of Baba, Guru Purnima 2009 was a great success. Swami worked tirelessly, meeting with student process groups around the clock and said that he was very pleased with the success of the program. It left everyone looking forward to celebrating Guru Purnima in Europe in 2010 and in Benares in 2011 at the Immortal Enlightenment Course.

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