100 Year Shiva Full Moon Process
30. Okt, 2009

“Gott ist nichts anderes als du bist. Du bist nichts anderes als Gott.”
— Sri Kaleshwar*

An diesem Sonntagabend, den 01. November, gab Swami in Penukonda die erste globale Telefonkonferenz für das Studentenreich auf der ganzen Welt. Über ein weltweit verbundenes Telefonnetzwerk haben sich tausende Studenten aus den Vereinigten Staaten, Europa und Japan eingewählt, um Swamis Talk zu hören.

Swami sagt, dass wir uns derzeit in der Energie einer der kraftvollsten Vollmonde befinden. Dieser Vollmond kommt nur alle 100 Jahre vor. Morgen Nacht (Montag, den 02.11.) wird Swami für die nächsten 3 Tage in Penukonda riesige Kerzenlichter anzünden. Die Schwingungen der Flammen werden sich durch diesen Prozess auf die Seelen aller übertragen. Er sagt, „(Sie) werden deine Seele auf der Ebene deines Bewusstseins auf eine wunderschöne Art und Weise erreichen.“ Swami wird sich von Penukonda aus darum kümmern. „Es ist das größte Geschenk, das ich meinem Studentenreich geben kann.“

Hier könnt ihr euch die Aufnahme der Telefonkonferenz anhören

Transcript of the conference call can be read here

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Für die nächsten 5 Tage (beginnend ab dem 2. November) rezitiere das Himmelsmantra für mindestens 1 Mala (108 Wiederholungen) bis maximal 1-2 Stunden. Es sollte ohne Unterbrechung an einem Stück rezitiert werden. Dies ist zu jeder Uhrzeit möglich.

om lingaastakam niedam punjam
yaha patee shiva sannhi dhaou
shiva looka mavapnootie
shiveena saha moogatee

“Wenn du das Mantra für diese 5 Tage rezitierst, dann ist es egal welche Probleme du in deinem Leben hast, oder welche Art Krankheiten du hast. Kein Problem.”

Für diesen Vollmond

  1. kein Egoismus – „Kein „Ich“ habe dies getan. Gib dein Ego auf. Selbst wenn du ein Held bist, ohne Gottes Segen bist du ein Nichts.“
  2. keine Zweifel
  3. eine vergebende Natur – Vergib, Vergib
  4. Geduld – Warte
  5. eine liebevolle Art

“Beginne den Tag mit positivem Denken, ende den Tag mit positivem Denken. Gehe durch den Tag mit positivem Denken. Sei im Positivem, im Positivem, Positivem. Dann wird sich dein Leben ins Positive verwandeln. Denke keine unnötigen negativen Gedanken.”

Macht alle euere anderen Prozesse weiter.

Chandra Nadi Initiation in Laytonville
17. Okt, 2009
View Photos from Chandra Nadi initiation
View Photos from Chandra Nadi initiation

“The process to make your soul and consciousness to become strong, and to create the pure bliss in life around you. You need to become the highest, strongest divine spirit on this planet and handle your soul. Handle it and the Mother Nature, in a beautiful way. That is the greatness of the Chandra Nadi Process.”

October 17 & 18, 2009: At the Church of Divine Lineage in Laytonville, California, Swami initiated the Chandra Nadi process, or Moon process, for the first time to the world.

Over 360 determined individuals made the journey up the mountain to the temple, while another 150 people connected to the event remotely from their homes. The temple grounds were transformed in the weeks and days prior by a highly dedicated seva team. Only five days before the event, the area received four inches of heavy rainfall, with continued rain predicted through the weekend. With everyone’s sankalpam and strong hard work, the tents went up, woodchips were spread, and emergency plywood laid down. Remarkably, the weather held, making it possible for the initiation to take place. The breathtaking beauty of the land, combined with great vaastu and, most of all, Swami’s grace, made it all possible.

All aspects of the two-day event were carefully orchestrated by Swami from the ashram in Penukonda, India. The program opened Saturday morning with participants gathered under the big tent to hear his welcome and new teachings via a broadcast telephone call. Night was falling in Penukonda, and despite losing the connection four times, Swami was able to transmit the ancient knowledge about the Chandra Nadi process, and detailed instructions for simultaneous fire pujas in both India and Laytonville. With exact coordinated timing, the fire puja began as the aarti flame offered to Dattatreya’s statue was carried to the Laytonville Temple’s new 7-foot wide dhuni, while halfway around the world in Penukonda the fire blazed in Swami’s dhuni and Brahmin priests began changing Vedic mantras. This chanting was broadcast live to the puja in Laytonville, creating a strong merging of the energies from these two power spots on the planet. Then the sound of Swami’s voice chanting mantras echoed down the northeast valley for the whole town to hear. The initiation had begun. Swami said that the highest charging and de-charging “started today at the fire pit.”

That night was timeless; the mystery of the Divine was evident as the Chandra Nadi Process continued on the very darkest night of the month, the new moon, when no moon was visible. Stars were visibly flung across the sky, but quickly disappeared under the thick blanket of fog that rolled in. The darkness of the night was in contrast to the glow of the temple, illuminated with strings of Christmas lights and candles to celebrate Diwali, celebrating the victory of the Light over darkness. Down the hill at the dhuni, students meditated through the night at the roaring fire of the dhuni.

The group slept in the tents as one big Sai family. Everyone awoke and slowly greeted the cool, misty dawn, while the sound of Baba’s morning song was broadcast over the speakers evoking a feeling of being at the ashram in Penukonda. Everyone slowly made their way to the food tent for a hot tea and breakfast to start the day. All seva teams worked hard and pulled together, accepting “in a sporty way” Swami’s changing plans and the dramatic shifts in weather.

That day Swami released the Chandra Nadi yantra. The group gathered under the big tent to draw their yantras, and then spread out into nature to charge their yantras with their meditation energy. With their yantras placed on the earth, and the warm sunshine on their faces, everyone settled down for the 3-hour meditation around the northeast lake, while Lakshmi, the temple dog, happily made her rounds. A great peace and stillness permeated the area.

Like a flame set to spread throughout the world, the Chandra Nadi process has been lit.

Sai Kaleshwar spendet 250.000 Rupies zur Unterstützung der Flutopfer
03. Okt, 2009 infrastructure charity

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The New Indian Express

Sai Kaleshwar, Spiritualist und Vorsitzender des Shirdi Sai Global Trust, hat 250.000 Rupies für Flutopfer gespendet. Im Shiva Sai Mandir übergab Sai Kaleshwar heute dem Abgeordneten von Penukonda Tahsildar K. Seshu einen auf Apco ausgestellten Scheck über 120.000 Rupies.

Damit werden handgewebte Stoffe für die Flutopfer gekauft. Außerdem erhielt der Abgeordnete Tahsildar einen weiteren Scheck über 130.000 Rupies. Sai Kaleshwar bat ihn, diesen Betrag für dringend benötigte Bedarfsartikel zu verwenden und diese unter den Flutopfern zu verteilen.

Surya Nadi Prozess in den USA
02. Sep, 2009
View Video and Photos from Surya Nadi initiation
View Video and Photos from Surya Nadi initiation

At the Schweibenalp event in Switzerland in early August, Swami announced that after three years of not coming to America “the doors are now open” for him to come and asked his American students to prepare for a one evening event in America. The US Seva Team had only three days to prepare for this remarkable and historic opportunity to have Swami again on American soil.

It was a whirlwind journey for Swami, as he traveled first to the Vatican to see the evidence of how India is linked there, then to Switzerland, to Frankfurt and finally to Laytonville, California in the United States. With less than 72 hours notice, the US Seva Team worked day and night to prepare the event in Laytonville. During this time, Swami spoke on several conference calls to his American students. He poured his loving sankalpam to come and to give the first of a two-step process: the Surya Nadi process, and the Chandra Nadi process.

On August 16, 2009 over 260 American students gathered at the Church of the Divine Lineage in Laytonville and awaited the precious darshan of Sri Kaleshwar. At the event, Swami spoke about the importance of these two processes. He said, “There are two processes in the planet. One is Surya Nadi, second is the Chandra Nadi. Surya, sun, Chandra, moon. These two nadis—So-Ham. We breathe in, we breathe out.” He went on to say that if you are experiencing many headaches in your life, if you know how to decharge them through your breath in and breath out, then you can protect yourself from negative karmas. “That much power is hidden in your breath,” he said, “the whole part of your energy chakras are linked with your breath in and your breath out.”

Swami went on further to explain the depth of how these two nadis (channels) can have a negative effect in your life if not balanced in your soul in a proper way. “It keeps disturbing you. You suck that disturbance through the Surya nadi, the breath in—you will suck a lot of illusions and it will give the depressions.”

During the program, Swami performed a Surya homa, a fire puja of the sun, in order to awaken the light in every soul; to bring out the healing abilities and to connect to the Mother. “Surya, sun energy is nothing but a great Creator for all creations,” said Swami as he described the benefits of the process. “That energy, a spark of energy is in us. To awaken that spark in us very strongly. Once it is strong, there are no more illusions, no more depressions, no more heartbrokens.” In addition to the Surya homa, Swami gave a powerful shaktipat transmission with a special sandalwood paste.

Through the grace of the Mother, the Father and the Guru Parampara, Swami stated, “Once you did the Surya process, then the next stroke, the Chandra process. My package is to make you to connect to the big boss, Baba, Jesus and Mother and complete your spirituality as soon as possible. You might have Baba darshan, Jesus darshan – doesn’t matter where you are.”

Swami went to America as a soul doctor, to give a huge energy transmission, opening the hearts to God and to the Mother forever and ever, to awaken his students to become strong healers on the planet. “My biggest mission,” said Swami, is “to see you as a strong healer on the planet. I want you to demonstrate certain great unbelievable things on the planet more than Jesus.”

After the initiation, Swami gave permission for all those who attended the program in Laytonville to give initiation of the Surya Nadi process with the special sandalwood paste to others. The response to this was overwhelming. Over 800 people have started the process in America alone, now in Europe almost 600 people have begun the process as well. It is spreading through the globe like a divine wildfire.

Swami will return to Laytonville, CA on October 17 & 18, 2009 to complete the next stroke, the Chandra Nadi Process.

SSGT betreibt eine Klink zur Vorsorge der Schweinegrippe, 5. August, 2009
29. Aug, 2009 medical charity

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Sakshi

Als Antwort auf die zunehmende weltweite Bedrohung durch die Schweinegrippe (H1N1 Virus) hat der Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) am 5. August 2009 zusammen mit der Polizeibehörde von Penukonda eine Aufklärungsveranstaltung organisiert. Die örtliche Bevölkerung wurde dabei eingehend über die Krankheit informiert und es wurden Möglichkeiten aufgezeigt, wie diese vermieden werden kann. Abschließend wurden Medikamente zur Vorbeugung verteilt.

Ein Gremium, bestehend aus Ärzten, Vertretern der Gemeinde und der örtlichen Behörden, betonte die Wichtigkeit dieser Aufklärung. Den Anwesenden wurde erklärt, dass der Virus in 3 Phasen verläuft: A, B und C, wobei die ersten beiden Phasen nicht so gefährlich sind wie die 3. Phase C. Um die Risiken einer Infizierung mit diesem Virus einzuschränken, ist besonders auf Hygiene im Sanitärbereich, im häuslichen Umfeld und in der Gemeinde zu achten.

Um das Risiko sich dem Virus auszusetzen zu verringern, und die Ausbreitung innerhalb der Bevölkerung in Schranken zu halten, wurden spezielle Maßnahmen vorgestellt, wie die ordnungsgemäße Verwendung von Schutzmasken, die Vermeidung riskanter Situationen und Methoden zur Stärkung des Immunsystems.

Der Bevölkerung wurde geraten, sich bei ersten Anzeichen von Grippesymptomen wie Erbrechen, hohem Fieber und Atembeschwerden umgehend mit dem örtlichen Krankenhaus in Verbindung zu setzen. Den Anwesenden wurden Aufklärungsplakate zur Schweinegrippe gezeigt, die überall in der Gemeinde aufgehängt werden sollen.

Alle Vortragenden und die Vertreter der örtlichen Behörden brachten ihre Wertschätzung und Dankbarkeit dem SSGT gegenüber zum Ausdruck, der diese Veranstaltung organisiert und die Medikamente an die Anwesenden verteilt hat.

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