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Shivaratri 2009
May 07, 2009 ashram
View Photos from Shivaratri
View Photos from Shivaratri

Students arrived to Penukonda from around the globe to participate in the intensive five day Shivaratri program in February. During the program, Swami seemed to be everywhere in the ashram, working with groups in processes, giving experiences, special pujas, interviews, and teachings from early morning until late into night.

The main process was receiving the transmission from the Ala Hala Lingam, Shiva’s soul object. It was in 2007 that Swami first shared with the world the powerful Shiva blessings through this holy object. This year, on Shiva Ratri night, everyone personally received an abhishek (holy bath) to release the Lingam’s divine energy into their soul. A water pipeline had been specially created so water could pour down from the roof of the Dwarkamai onto each person as they walked under it. Swami personally directed each person, one by one, under the waterfall as thousands of lotus flowers were offered to Shiva. There was so much joy, exhilaration and laughter as Swami moved each person to rush under the gushing water, coming out drenched and purified. “What a day,” Swami said. “What a day! Unbelievable purification. Unbelievable transmission. One million percent the Shiva cosmic energy is there.”

After releasing the high Shiva energy to the world, a new power object was activated, the Suvarna Lingam. The Suvarna Lingam (in Sanskrit/Telugu ‘suvarna’ means ‘gold’) has a special connection to the student kingdom. In 2006, a group of men from the Soul University chiseled a large stone round the clock for three weeks creating its final shape. Then the Suvarna Lingam sat under water continuously for almost two years cared for 24 hours a day by the students. The Suvarna Lingam will soon be permanently installed and covered in gold at the ashram. Swami said it was 90% equal to the Ala Hala Lingam and will bless the planet for thousands of years to come. He said the students were very connected to the holy object and its energy would be always help them. “That Shiva Lingam is yours,” Swami said. “That power is yours. You can receive help whenever you need it just thinking of your Gurustan.”

During the program, Swami also released new teachings and processes using the Kala Chakra and Kama Chakra. When teaching about the Kala Chakra he said, “You don’t need to do sadhana (spiritual practice) for ten, fifteen years. You can make it shorter through the Kala Chakra. Say you have seventy years life span, you can make it like seven days to seven hours, seven hours to seven minutes. Seven minutes—I am very serious. This information one day will supernaturally change the whole globe.”

Through the Kala Chakra process Swami is speeding up the student kingdom’s soul development in an astounding way. “What will happen in thirty years, what you’re going to learn—the wisdom and the energy soul capacity—will come very fast.” Then to lift everyone even more, Swami transferred his soul’s austerities energy while giving shaktipat to everyone during a final meditation under the beautiful Penukonda night sky.

Nutritious Food for HIV Affected Children
Jan 10, 2009 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Surya

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Sri Sai Kaleshwar continued his charitable HIV preventative program this year, by again donating nutritional food packages to children infected with the deadly virus. In cooperation with the Krushi Village Development Society and its president, these care packages were distributed with the help of Mr Kandula Srinivas, who is the regional manager of one of India’s largest conglomerates, Reliance Industries. Its branch manager Mr Shashidhar Reddy also assisted in the distribution.

Tri-cycle Distribution for the Physically Handicapped
Jan 02, 2009 social charity

“If you’re not respecting the humanity, you can not respect the God. If you’re not serving to the humanity, you can not serve the God. Imagine if you lost your two legs, how your life will be. Today you’re seeing hundreds of thousands of people — God has given you all angles of the health. Let’s pray, yourself, pray for the humanity.” — Sri Kaleshwar

Courtesy of The new Indian Express, Andhrabhumi, Andhraprabha, Andhrajyoti, Eenadu, Sakshi, Vartha, Praja Shakti

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On January 2nd, 2009, Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar’s anniversary, he invited and distributed over 1,000 tricycles to the poor and physically handicapped people from 100 villages.

In his speech, Sri Kaleshwar reiterated that he would not enter into politics; rather, he preferred to continue helping the poor and needy through his social service activities.

He also commented that to serve people one did not need to enter politics, affiliate with any politician or political party. He loves to serve people, and feels that he was one amongst them. Helping people is the best thing to do in one’s life; nothing is better than this.

Each and every person should contribute to society as much as they can; at least a little bit by sharing their belongings with others who are in need. In doing so, one can feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in their lives, which is not easily found through other means.

Sri Kaleshwar shared a personal story, which inspired him to start these handicapped programs:

“Once when I was traveling in a car, at a railway crossing, I saw a physically handicapped beggar who had just been involved in an accident, fallen down and was suffering with severe pain. Looking at him I felt a deep sorrow within my heart. It was at this moment that I decided to help these poor, physically handicapped people.”

Through giving these tricycles to those who need them, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and peace.

He further expressed his readiness to donate an additional 10,000 tricycles for the many remaining handicapped individuals located throughout the entire Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh.

The presentees during the event were the Shirdi Sai Global Trust members Mr. Bhaskar Reddy, Mr. Nagi Reddy, Mr. Jagdish, Mr Ravi, the Sai Kaleshwar Seva members, staff and devotees from all around the world.

As a result of Sri Kaleshwar’s activites, many other organizations and government agencies have implemented similar handicapped programs. In the town of Kadiri, tricycle distribution was also organized by the local MLA Mr. Jonna Ramaiah, Nallamada MLA Mr. Kadapala Mohan Reddy, Zillaparishad Vice-Chairmen Mr. Narasimhulu, the Municipal Chairmen Mr. N.M. Muzafar Ali and many others.

All these members praised Sri Kaleshwar for his kind heart towards poor people and helping the poor through his social service and charitable activities, including conducting mass marriages for the poor, organizing free eye treatments at the Navyashree Eye Hospital, constructing and engineering college for poor students and now tricycle distribution for the physically handicapped.

Food Distribution for HIV Affected Children
Sep 17, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Surya & Sakshi

Sri Kaleshwar distributed nutritious food for the poor HIV infected children within Penukonda. Sri Kaleshwar has committed to providing monthly financial support to the Krushi Village Development Society, who has been continuously taking care of HIV patients.

On this occasion, MR. Srinivasulu who is the Regional manager of Reliance Industries, and Mr. Ramanjaneyulu the President of the Krushi Society were present.

Temple Broadcast Speaker System
Aug 28, 2008 infrastructure social charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Eenadu, Surya, Vartha, Andhrajyoti

Distributing microphone set to head of village
Distributing microphone set to head of village

A beautiful message of unity, caring and co-operation came to Andra Pradesh today as free microphone sets were distributed for temples in 65 different villages. The donations came from Sri Kaleshwar of Penukonda.

Swami in his speech said that “where ever there is peace, stability and spirituality such communities will become well developed and happy”. As part of his new project to develop 100 villages in the local area, local temples of all faiths received free microphone sets. Already, 65 villages have received these gifts, the remaining villages will receive their new sets very soon. Now with the new microphone all the people in each village can listen to God’s words every day, keeping aside all the misunderstandings among each other and turn towards God. Developing spirituality helps the communities in maintaining peace and harmony in their villages".

Swami’s heartfelt concern dedicated action goes to all the 100 villages he has adopted. He said that of the 100 villages which he adopted, 62 villages were badly in need of drinking water facilities. He said that the drilling of new bore-well’s had been finished and the new motors to pump water and new pipes had also been distributed for each and every village. The remaining villages will also be provided with drinking water facilities very soon.

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