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Free Eye Camp at Amarapuram Village
Jun 16, 2008 medical charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Andhrabhumi, Surya

Under the guidance of the Navyashree Eye Hospital, a free eye camp was conducted at Amarapuram Village. Approximately 36 poor people received eye treatment, and of them, 16 people required eye operations (cataracts). All these patients were shifted to the Navyashree Eye Hospital in Penukonda for their operations. Transportation, food, medicines, accommodations and Spectacles were provided by the Navyashree hospital authorities free of charge.

Free Bread And Nutritious Food For HIV Kids And Famillies
Jun 09, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Surya, Vartha, Andhrabhumi, Andhrajyoti, Andhraprabha

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Free bread and nutritious food is bringing joy to local villagers in need. Under the guidance of Sri Kaleshwar through his Shirdi Sai Global Trust, free bread was distributed to poor families and patients in the hospitals this month. The distribution was done by Sai Kaleshwar Seva dal Members.

Free nutritious food was also distributed to HIV effected kids by the Krushi Village Development Society through the support of Sri Kaleshwar. Every month Swami provides financial support for the Society to provide nutritious food and all other needs for these poor HIV effected children.

Financial Help for M.C.A Student
Jun 07, 2008 education charity

Sri Kaleshwar provided financial help for a poor student to study her M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application). The amount was given through Shirdi Sai Global Trust.

Trust members Mr. Nagi Reddy and Mr. Bhaskar Reddy provided the amount which she needed to continue her education.

Ananta Animuthyalu - Sponsoring Poor, High Merit Students
Jun 02, 2008 education charity

Courtesy of The New Indian Express, Eenadu, Vartha, Sakshi, Surya, Andhrabhumi, Andhrajyoti, Andhraprabha, Andhrabhumi

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June 1, 2008, Shiva Sai Mandir. 250 of the top qualifying students, coming from 100 of the poorest villages, were being honored and accepted into the Educational Sponsorship Program ( Ananta Animuthyalu ). All these students who came have completed their 10th class education with exceptional marks, and will be receiving a 2 year scholarship thru this program.

During his speech to the students, Sri Kaleshwar acknowledged the 3 top most students who got highest marks. He further praised and appreciated all the students for their highest marks and said that they would be able to join any corporate college of their choosing. Swami also said that he will treat all these students as his own and help them in all aspects to make them become Doctors, Engineers, Software professionals or whatever they chose to become; he said he will take care of all aspects of their careers.

In total, over $200,000 will be spent over a 2 year period for these students in this Educational Sponsorship Program. More than 250 students were selected, and more than 13 different corporate junior colleges will be involved. All expenses such as tuition fees, text books, boarding & lodging will be paid for by Sri Kaleshwar through the Shirdi Sai Global Trust.

Swami said that he is ready to spent any amount of money for these poor students to provide better education who are from drought areas. Speaking to all the students, Swami encouraged them to concentrate on their studies and become the best persons in the society; only through better education can one become best citizens for their nation.

Swami also said that during the past 10 Years he has been helping poor yet talented students, and has seen much happiness in their eyes. Swami also felt the same happiness looking at all these 100’s of brilliant students coming out of Government schools and not from any private schools.

R.D.O ( Revenue Development Officer ) Praised Swami for helping all these poor and talented students for their higher studies and said that no one will forget this help in ones life time. This Ananta Animuthyalu program was started by the District collector Mr. Sreedhar who want’s to help the poor talented students of the entire District to provide better eduction.

Sri Kaleshwar, along with the Government officials R.D.O Mr. Nageshwar Rao, Thasildar’s (Mandal Revenue Officers) and other officials from the education department participated in this event.

In this event Shirdi Sai Global trust Members Mr. Nagi Reddy, Mr. Vijayabhaskar Reddy, Correspondents of 13 Junior colleges and others were also present. Food was provided for all who came for the counseling.

Swami Helps Brilliant Student to Attend IIT
May 30, 2008 education charity

Courtesy of Vartha, Adhra jyothy, Andhra prabha, Sakshi, Surya

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Akkili Suresh was born in a poor family. His father Mr. Akkli Sri Ramulu use to sell drinking soda in Atmakur village, of Anantapur district, to support his family. Although his family was poor, his father insisted that Akkili Suresh continue his studies all the way to graduation.

Recently Akkili Suresh attended the Joint Administrative Test for MSc(P.G) entrance examination, conducted by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) of India. This is considered one of the most prestigious institutes within India.

On his entrance exam, Akkili Suresh achieved 61st Ranking from all tests conducted countrywide, thus making him eligible to join the MSc (P.G) Mathematics courses within IIT college.

Although Akkili Suresh had passed these extremely competitive exams, he was still required to pay the college tuition, equivalent to $2,500.

Because his family was poor and could not afford this tuition, his father came to Sri Kaleshwar and asked for his help to join the prestigious IIT. Sri Kaleshwar immediately accepted, and offered to donate the entire fee for his courses during his 2 years at the institute.

Akkili Suresh deeply thanked Sri Kaleshwar for making his dream come true and vowed never to forget his kind generosity.

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