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Video report of the current state of constructions of Swami's Navya Sai Hospital
Apr 09, 2012
Navya Sri Hospital Project – State of Construction on April 9th, 2012

This video shows the innovative and unique concept of Sri Kaleshwar’s Navya Sai Hospital in the first phase of its construction, explained by project administrator M. Chandra Mouli Reddy and architect B. Mohammed Nazeeruddin.

Located in the beautiful surrounding of Swami’s farm and in the midst of mango trees, the nature will create highest healing vibrations for the patients. The north-east sloping site, together with the structure and shape of the hospital yield what Swami calls 99% perfect Vaastu.

Kaleshwar Bhajans from Penukonda!
Mar 23, 2012 kaleshwar

Singing Kaleshwar bhajans has been a vehicle for healing our grieving hearts and a significant part of bringing us together, in unity, to honor and send love to our beloved Guruji, now in maha samadhi, here in the Dwarkamai in Penukonda.

Through our devotional singing to Krishna we are sending the energy from Swami’s samadhi to the hearts of all students and all people around the globe. Following are 5 bhajans we sang together from the last global conference call. We hope you will enjoy the fragrance of these bhajans, which are filled with the energy from here and receive the divine healing and blessings to your souls.

May we all continue to grow the power of bhakti in our hearts through singing the bhajans, through healing the sick, and through taking care of those in need and may our inspiration magnify and radiate the beautiful universal fragrance of our divine master, Sri Kaleshwar.

Jai Guru Datta!

Sri Kaleshwar Takes Mahasamadhi
Mar 15, 2012 kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar, January 8, 1973 -- March 15, 2012
Sri Kaleshwar, January 8, 1973 — March 15, 2012

Our beloved Guruji, Swami Kaleshwar, took mahasamadhi at 3 pm Indian Standard Time, Thursday, March, 15th 2012.

It is natural for us as human beings to feel sadness and grief at the passing of such a great friend, teacher, guru and soulmate. But in the immortal ancient spiritual tradition that he dedicated his life to share with the whole globe, we most truely celebrate the divine life, sacrifice, works, and finally moksha that this great soul has achieved. Jai Guru!

Secret soul mates...
Jan 24, 2012

What a soul match, these guys. Whether through their physical chemistry, secretly or in and around. The woman kingdom is great and powerful, the men have to recognize.

Secret soul mates, in and around, nobody should involve around them, otherwise the woman kingdom will punish. They are the true soul mates, who cares about the paperwork. Baba is the big judge — his judgement is perfect. Soul mates since many years, Swami has been telling, but nobody is believing it.

Playing with the kids
Jan 09, 2012

Hi, my dear divine souls. This is Swami. Look at these two cute souls. It’s quite amazing.

The subject is here, that Baba is always playing with the kids. To convince Baba, win the children’s hearts as much as you can. Make them happy, first point. Try to do as much as you can to make the kids happy throughout the globe, it doesn’t matter religion, it doesn’t matter who it is, they’re all divine, Try to follow it if you like it. Then you can make the soul heart beat throughout the entire people on the globe.

I’m doing my maximum best. I hope you can try your maximum best.

Even Nehru in India. Nehru always won the children’s hearts — they always win the nation. A nation in that sense can completely take control of the Mother. Yes, earthquakes whatever it is, A to Z, yes. Earthquakes, whatever phenomena of pain, you can remove. Please try to understand and follow this.

Take care. Good luck.

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