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Free Eye Camp Relieves Nalla Cheruvu Village
May 18, 2008 medical charity

With the financial help of Swami Sri Sai Kaleshwar, a free eye camp was organized in the village of Nalla Cheruvu. The surrounding villagers were also able to have their eyes treated at this camp. Twenty-five persons were in serious need of eye operations. Doctors brought them to Navyashree Eye Hospital at Penukonda where free eye operations were conducted for all the patients. Free medicines, transportation, food, accommodations and spectacles were also provided for these poor villagers.

Sri Kaleshwar Receives Doctorate from Sri Krishnadevaray University
May 15, 2008 education charity

Courtesy of Saakshi, Andhrajyoti

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Located in Anatapur, Sri. Krishnadevaraya University is one of the best universities in India. They announced that they will honor the most influenced people, famous for their work in their respective fields, with a doctorate. Sri Kaleshawr was one among them.

The University Vice-Chancellor Mr. A. Rama Rao and Registrar Mr. Y. Krishna Reddy, along with committee members, announced that they are going to honor eight most famous persons with a doctorate in the month of June 2008.

The honored include Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar, The President of India Smt. Prathiba Patil, Vice-President Mr. Mohammed Ansari, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Y . S. Rajasekhar Reddy, Reserve Bank of India’s Governor Mr. Venugopal Reddy, Mr. Amarnath Reddy and Mr. Ram Mohan.

Sri Kaleshwar is being honored for his great social work towards the welfare of the poor and for donating 2.3 crores of rupees for the technology building at the University. He has also promised to construct a hostel facilities which will help poor students to have technological education along with food and accommodation. For all his contributions to the poor and the needy, Sri Kaleshwar was been honored with a doctorate by Sri Krishnadevaraya University.

Construction of Road into Penukonda Fort
May 09, 2008 infrastructure charity

Courtesy of Surya

View from Penukonda mountain
View from Penukonda mountain

On May 9th, 2008, Sri Kaleshwar, chairman of SSGT committed financial assistance to the local government for constructing a road into Penukonda as a local extension from National Highway No. 7. The estimated cost is nearly $545,000 (2.19 Crores of Rupees). The road will be constructed from the top of Penukonda mountain, and will include a bridge connecting the mountain lake located on top of the mountain. Once constructed, the road will have 19 turning points till the foot of the mountain, where it will connect and join National Highway No. 7.

New Borewells for the 100 Villages Program
Apr 27, 2008 infrastructure charity

courtesy of Surya, Saakshi

Accepting application from head of village
Accepting application from head of village
New borewell being drilled
New borewell being drilled

On the 17th of April Swami invited all the leaders of the 100 Villages to Siva Sai Mandir to give their applications regarding the problems they are facing in their villages. Especially drinking water facilities.

By the 27th of April the next set of bore wells was completed.

A ceremonial Fire Puja on completion of the next set of bore wells for the 100 Villages Program was performed and attended by the devotees of Sri Kaleshwar from the Siva Sai Mandir:

Hari Krishna, Ramanjanaylu, Pragathi Bank Director Subhadramma, MPTC Mr. Sri Ramulu, Surpanch from Penukonda and Anjanayaswamy Temple Members. This was held at Timmapuram Villiage.

Sri Kaleshwar Donates 30 Lakh Rupees to University
Apr 22, 2008 education charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Surya, Eenadu, Andhrajyoti, Andhraprabha, Andhrabhumi, Vartha

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On April 22, 2008, Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar met with the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Aathoti Rama Rao of the Sri Krishnadevaraya University, to present his College with a check worth $60,000. This amount was in addition to the previous contribution of $200,000, which will be completed by June. Accompanying the Chancellor was Registrar Mr. Rama Krishna Reddy and other Professors.

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