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Secret soul mates...
Jan 24, 2012

What a soul match, these guys. Whether through their physical chemistry, secretly or in and around. The woman kingdom is great and powerful, the men have to recognize.

Secret soul mates, in and around, nobody should involve around them, otherwise the woman kingdom will punish. They are the true soul mates, who cares about the paperwork. Baba is the big judge — his judgement is perfect. Soul mates since many years, Swami has been telling, but nobody is believing it.

Playing with the kids
Jan 09, 2012

Hi, my dear divine souls. This is Swami. Look at these two cute souls. It’s quite amazing.

The subject is here, that Baba is always playing with the kids. To convince Baba, win the children’s hearts as much as you can. Make them happy, first point. Try to do as much as you can to make the kids happy throughout the globe, it doesn’t matter religion, it doesn’t matter who it is, they’re all divine, Try to follow it if you like it. Then you can make the soul heart beat throughout the entire people on the globe.

I’m doing my maximum best. I hope you can try your maximum best.

Even Nehru in India. Nehru always won the children’s hearts — they always win the nation. A nation in that sense can completely take control of the Mother. Yes, earthquakes whatever it is, A to Z, yes. Earthquakes, whatever phenomena of pain, you can remove. Please try to understand and follow this.

Take care. Good luck.

Giving a gold medal
Jan 05, 2012

She is my personal doctor, taking care of me in and around, and a soulmate. She is the beat of the heart and I will never, ever forget it. She understood the kingdom of the wisdom. Wisdom is nothing but a soulmate of the boss.

We need to follow her advice. Sometimes she is unbelievable taking care of the boss. Boss is giving the gold medal.

She is nothing but a dolphin, always wanting to protect in and around. The Boss is always admiring her. We all need to send a congratulations to Constanze.

If you are really a true student of the Baba you need to give a gold medal and blessings to her. The boss already blessed her and everybody needs to give the blessing and prayers.

Good luck, take care. Nothing to worry about the globe, the earthquakes, anything.

500-bed Hospital to Come Up in Anantapur
Jan 01, 2012 charity medical

Anantapur: A 500-bed super speciality hospital will come up soon in the district. The hospital is to be constructed at a cost of Rs 100 crore in 160 acres and is the brainchild of spiritual leader Sai Kaleshwar, based in Penukonda. In a telephonic conversation, Kaleshwar said the main aim of the project is to provide super speciality medicare to the poor.

Kaleshwar, through the Shirdi Sai Global Trust, has been organizing free medical camps, performing free marriages and giving scholarships to merit students from poor families for pursuing higher education.

“Everyone should be service oriented and help others who are in distress or in need of help. It is one of the most significant aspects of a human being”, he said. He called upon the drought-hit farmers in the district not to lose heart.

“Profit and loss are two aspects of the same thing.” Kaleshwar said 2011 was not very good for Anantapur district with crop loss and dry spells, and hoped that the coming year would usher in more progress and prosperity for all.

Marriage of Tobias and Tatyana
Dec 20, 2011

We are happy to announce the marriage of Tobias and Tatyana on Dec 20th, 2011, who have been with Swami since the early days. They have served Swami and the ancient mission faithfully for the past years.

Please send them your love and and affection.

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