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November 2, 2005

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Guru Day Message

Hi guys,

This is Swami again, from India. Today is the new moon, 2nd of November 2005. I hope everybody knows, all my students and the followers, very soon your Swami is coming to the States. After a long time I am planning to come to the States. My feeling, what I am feeling, this is the right time to me to come to the States. In this Guru Day Message what I want to talk and express my feelings, and express the reality of God—maybe you heard many, many different messages from me guys, but today the message is different—the difference is about love, divine love.

The love is kind of air. You have to breath in the love; again you have to breath out. You have to receive; again you have to give back. If you don’t have the love and it’s very hard and it’s very difficult to live in your life. Once if you receive the love if you are not giving back, your life is miserable, you can’t live on this earth. The majority of the people’s lives and the people’s problems is based on, linked with, not enough giving love to the people. If you are not giving enough love to the people, then you cannot take the breath in that easily of the true divine love. Once if you are not having that much pure divine love, then the life will start irritable, upset and a lot of the blocks will start to grow.

Right now we are seeing everywhere in the globe, every country, facing the problems. In every city, every street, whoever you know very well, if you seen their personal lives, lot of up and downs. If you see yourself, a lot of bumpiness. Do you know, that is all the types of illusions and the blocks is coming in the nature too. Whatever we release our karmas, whatever our actions, whole globe wide, every citizen, every town, every street in the town, every nation, our actions the nature is receiving it and the nature again responding back very funny way. That all funny way is responding it is you can see unbelievable floods, unbelievable destroying, unbelievable tragedies, terrible diseases, lot of, lot of, lot of depression.

There is only one solution for this, for to stop the nature to make it quiet, not reflect on you. Even the vibrations in the globe is pretty intense, super strong, sometimes super positive, sometimes super negative. Whoever is very sensitive souls, who didn’t have enough protection circles around them they are receiving amazing depression and tragedy life. I’m not blaming on the nature. One part the nature is giving everything to you. Millions of people at the time are having the homeless, all the disasters is happening, and everywhere you see they are taking the revenges and wars. We cannot win, we cannot bring the peace through war or fighting or showing the controversies, showing your jealousy, want to be dominant on somebody’s life. These are all crazy blocks.

Every nation, every country, every citizen need to know, when you are coming here, you didn’t take anything with you. Whenever you are going back from here, you are taking something with you—that is, how much good you’ve done on earth or how much harm you did on this planet. The good and harm always will count. It will come with you. You are never taking name, money, with you.

One part you can create a lot of peace and can go. That peace will come and carry with you. Wherever you are, any galaxy, any planet, it will come to you. Like this type of earth, there is 1000’s of globes in these amazing cosmic galaxies.

I am letting you know guys, once if you are here under this physical body we need to understand we might be with knowing or unknowing, creating some violence in you, around you. Happened is happened. Try to change, each person, behavior. Try to awake. Try to see what the nature is giving to you and to your citizens and to your around the people. What is the nature giving indirect hinting? Try to understand that. There is nothing there in this planet without five elements. The five elements is supernatural, extraordinary power, it totally has amazing commanding, on every soul, on every part it has the good commanding on it. So we are under the five elements. Try to be very careful. Try to be loving around you, in you.

You might be in your profession to be strong, strict, and determined character. The same time even though you are doing your duty try to see in which angle you are doing. I never said stop your duty and try to be loving. I am saying here, do your duty and the same time try to see what you are doing. Always the inner consciousness is saying to you what is good, what is bad. At least a few times the inner consciousness making you strongly, ‘this is bad, this is good’. If you are not listening you inner consciousness, try to listen somebody’s advice—who are your thick and thin friends—they come and they keep telling, try to at least think on them, what are they’re really talking.

Don’t live your live as a kind of fantasy, like in a glamorous. No need to hide your feelings, no need to hide your expressions. If you are a little sad, if you feel sad, try to sit with your friends, try to share your pain. If you are happy, sit with you friends, try to share your happiness and joy. Whenever you try to starting to sharing your feelings, the inner beauty will automatically start to grow in you. Whenever you share, same time, if anything happened tragedy in you life, it’s very super important- the same message I keep I am saying it—try to forgive yourself, try to forgive around you. One hand never makes sound. If you got hurt it means, maybe you did some mistake, another person did mistake too. With the two actions only makes some sound, some karmic pain happened in your life.

So try to forgive yourself, try to forgive around you and try to know how to love and try to create the true love. It doesn’t matter they love you or not, keep send your love, keep send your prayers, for everybody’s well wish. Whenever you are thinking on somebody’s problem, somebody’s pain, you automatically forget about your life pain. Even whatever you are carrying tons of pain and a lot of responsibilities, you won’t feel it. Just the day passes very simply, the month passes very simply, the years will pass very simply. That true dedicated true friends, true master, true purity people around you, you need to develop that. That is most important. Whenever you are in the happiness, whenever you did a great work, somebody needs to clap, somebody needs to appreciate for you. Whenever you are in trouble, somebody needs to give support in your back, saying don’t worry I’m with you, lets go. If you are not having this true types of persons in your life, your life is waste, the life is just waste, it’s miserable.

So, my dear divine souls, I am coming to the States after a long time, I’m exited, I am looking forward to seeing you guys and heartfully my heart is open to give by grace of Baba and Jesus to give the amazing healings especially the cancer patients, any type of cancer and any type of depression and heartbroken. Your Swami is the most available from November 16th to almost December 10th, 15th.

So you can contact some of my students in America: Clint Thompson, Monika, Gary Taylor, all these guys, the beautiful souls, they are organizing the program and they are inviting me. So, I will be available. Don’t hesitate, I am happy to listen, hear your pain, your problems and by the grace of Jesus I’ll show the results in your life. In your Swami’s 32 years age, I am not buttering on myself, it’s the time I have to say, hundreds of thousands of people I reached in India, entire the globe. God will listen our prayers.

Try to spend your time—I know you are busy—but try to make your time for comfort to spend the beautiful discussion about various subjects of true love, how to wash your pain, how to make your life happy and successful in this planet, and how to protect from the illusions from the nature—these are all the major concepts once if I am there to share with you guys and to talk.

So first I am coming to London, then going to Germany, from there I am coming to the States, guys. By the grace of Baba and Jesus it goes very well.

And, have a wonderful time, I am looking forward to seeing you. Good luck. Take care.

Your Swami