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March 9, 2006

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Guru Day Message

Good evening guys,

Today is the Guru Day, the beautiful day after Shiva Ratri. Thousands of people came to have the darshan with the Baba and they left. I know many people is waiting after long time, ‘What happened with Swami? Where he really gone?’ Well, again I am here in front of you to give the message guys.

Well there is, first of all, hundreds of people came to the Shiva Ratri. It’s amazing, super successful. And, what I really thought and what I’ve really seen––the different steps of the illusions and how the students’ kingdom can really can respond in a beautiful way. And, I thought whatever I want to do it in a beautiful way so far I made super extremely success. Almost like 65 to 70 people they had the connected to the Mother Divine. They completed 5 to 9 strokes. I am super impressed. And, a few people they connected the Big Boss, Baba, and I am very impressed. And, they had the communication. And a few people, almost like 70 people, they gave the birth to the atma lingams. I know, it’s a pretty funny and joke to the globe- to the all the saints and the masters and the Babas what they really does- and I made them to prove to my students’ kingdom and how it’s really possible through the five elements. I can’t say it’s magic; I can’t say it’s the miracle. Let’s watch the globe and decide what it is. And, a lot of people have the amazing experiences, the whole Shiva Ratri process amazing, amazingly successful. And, since 3 years, my hard work with them constantly non-stop, and what their hard work following certain great deeper inner meditations, it made them success and it made me to feel very strong confident can come and walk in the globe, and can able to teach the most powerfully and successfully to make their process to be done.

I am coming to the message here. Even though there is a lot of monkey characters, monkey mind characters, it’s completely nonsense––‘What is this and this and this?’––even to them pretty good I convinced, some supernatural energy can do some amazing greater things in the globe, so I am happy.

And again another point, very soon I am flying to the London––to the same formulas I want to describe and explain to the planet. By April last week I’ll be in London, and the May first week and second week I am planning to hit the States and it will be my last trip to the globe for several years.

And, I really want to sit and write the Jesus life in a beautiful way, not only Jesus, the most amazing saints in the planet, what they really did the sadhana, the ancient tradition, the ancient information the ancient Vedas, palm leaves, what they really been through, what they really learned, how they made it, the real fragrance. I want to write a book and for that I want to take a little time for myself to make it done that book will become as a peacefully and happily and successfully in the globe. There is a lot question marks, even in the Christanism, whatever the Jerusalemism and Hinduism and any religion, Buddhism. They meditated, they received, they achieved a lot of amazing things and so far, physically and some miracles, nobody did not did, but the miracles always it never tells whenever it’s happening. It happens whenever it wants to happen. So I am in the middle of in the big researching with the nature, so I really appreciate several thousands of people are also following, and several hundreds of people very seriously intensely working with me, and they made super success. Heartfully, I appreciate them and congrats to them. The point of what I want to say, I want to release this information in a beautiful… to available to the whole globe to make it access in a peaceful and easy way and successful way. Until to then, I don’t think so I am traveling any more much to you, guys, to the States especially, unless if something… any supernatural energy brought me up there again back, but I have to wait and see. But in the May, around second week until to the last week of May and first week of June, I’ll be in the States with the traveling with the different groups and giving the initiation, giving different teachings, and meditation and Yoga and teaching about my Vaastu power journey too, the book. So I’m available back again to your western countries, guys, whenever you have a peaceful time you are most welcome and can share some of your time and some of my time with you, that’ll be lovely.

So the point is, in this Guru Day Message, again, what I want to say, a person if they really want to do amazing things, he can do it. Today, the science, we already… we’ve been involved in the science, we are stuck in the science, we are grinding in the science, the science is grinding on us. But just think a hundred years back nobody did not thought you can go on the moon and you can step on the moon. Hundred years back, even you don’t know certain things––the science––what really they are right now doing. Why can’t you think, like several thousand of years back what in the palm leaf books, in the Vedas, in ancient tradition, certain things can possible after you done certain prayers, certain meditations, certain channelings, the supernatural energy will communicate and cooperate to your soul vibrations to fulfill your desires what your really want it. Still the channels is available, the doors is open for us from the nature. That’s I want to say this Guru Day Message –– everything is possible. There’s nothing is impossible in the planet until you are really open heart and pure surrenderity and with the strong belief system. I am just an instrument in his hands to do the great his service. I am so blissed and it’s not me doing, it’s some divine force, some divine energy, especially my master, Shirdi Sai Baba and the Jesus, they are really making me to do all the things. So far, I am super happy and impressed with the students’ kingdom, they really become as siddhas. Very soon there is a big beautiful, spiritual changing is happening, the miraculous changes. So I want to wait and see let the globe wait and see for the results to how it really things can be happen.

Another thing is, even though you confused, you got pretty good disturbed, disturbed mind, disturbed heart, disturbed soul, you don’t know what to follow, what you need to follow, what to believe, what you can really not believe. I understand. But, belief is belief. Belief is a kind of fire. Even though your belief didn’t become true, somehow, somewhere, some mistake is happened, some energy made you to believe certain things. It means the cosmic energy made you to do that and you have the high expectation and it did not happen, that’s why you felt hurt. It did not happen like whatever you want––your own way––so don’t expect whatever you been in your life. And you are already heartbroken and you are already been disturbed and confused and it did not happen, it means, do your sadhana, do your belief system with having no expectation. Once if you have keep expectations with doing the cosmic, and you really suck certain interesting illusions, funny illusions in your life, then the evil forces want to get things out from you. So don’t give a chance. You really want something very badly and you are fighting and you are really fighting for that. Once if it didn’t happen, then you are really frightening and you are really nervous, and you’re really your whole belief system, your behavior system changed little funny. After certain types of different heartbrokens later you are really a kind of–– a dead soul is living in your body. There is no fragrance. Don’t, don’t’, don’t, do it like that. He will do whatever He wants to do on you but try to do whatever He likes to want to do from you. I hope you understand this point. Simply do your job, then leave the results to Him. Let Him decide for the results––when to give, when not to give.

But another point, whenever you are doing it, try to know what you are really doing it. If you understand, good. If you didn’t understand, keep doing it. Because of me and you, whole globe, guys, walking in the desert. We don’t have perfect map to reach the whatever our destiny is in the city. What we simply need to do––keep walk. That’s His grace and blessing to give the directions to us in a beautiful proper way. Completely with open heart we need to travel our journey. We don’t know what will happen in the next minute, next hour, next day, so why, why, why, we need to suffer? Take it serious. Why you are suffering? You feel you are suffering. That suffering is bringing, that’s His creating, and we are developing that like a big nuclear fusion in us. Ignore that. Completely ignore it. You never ever feel that is you are having pain in your heart. Your friend created pain in your heart, don’t blame on somebody, that’s not your friend did it, that’s cosmic energy, that’s divine force made you to do that to be you under suffer. That suffering is…that’s His. Simply again, give Him back, ‘Hey that came from you, you take it.’ Don’t take it as personally that’s ‘yours’. We are all instruments here. Whenever we are instruments, whenever we felt and simply doing it, then the doors will start to open, the really doors will start to open, to see, somebody is in your back is making to play all the things through you. I know all religions they say that, but to implementing each student to make you to really feel that, it’s very important.

So, my dear divine students, I know you have a very hard time in your lives. I know your problems, I know your family problems, I know your depression, I know your heartbroken. Still, I am making you to do some wonders, guys. I am making you to do, to help the whole globe society around you, that’s the most important thing what you really need to learn, to know it. So, you are here for a reason. The reason is…try to figure out, try to surrender for that––what is the purpose of you’re here on earth. Whenever you completed your purpose, even if you want to stay on earth for even one minute more, the nature won’t allow you to stay. So, try to know that truth, the divine force is making to earth to making all the things is happening. The days is coming back to making open the doors. So, my dear divine souls, be in reality, live in reality, die with reality.

Have a wonderful weekend, again I’ll come back next Guru Day and I will see you soon in your countries. Good luck. Have a wonderful time! Thanks. Bye.

Your Swami