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March 6, 2007

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Channels to Mother Divine and Shiva

An unparalleled divine blessing will soon be released to the world. Swami is currently writing a new book, Channels to Mother Divine and Shiva. The material in this remarkable book explains information hidden for more than 3,000 years in an ancient manuscript and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. It was written by a saint who received it directly from the Divine Mother. She appeared and taught him formulas, sacred techniques to personally connect with Her. With these techniques anyone is able to see and communicate directly with the glorious Devi and experience Her immeasurable grace.

The techniques revealed in this ground breaking book give the remedy for healing the deepest pain, creating the most powerful protection circles, and reaching the highest spiritual abilities. The mantras and yantras contain the pin codes to the reality of the Divine Mother and Father, knowing who you truly are, where you came from and why you came on this planet.

Channels to Mother Divine and Shiva, the first in a five book series, is scheduled for release by July 2007. Swami has approved only a limited printing of this book. All sales of this first edition can only be purchased prior to its publication. Details regarding reserving your copy will be sent to you as soon as they are available. You are welcome to share this incredible news with anyone searching for an experience of the Divine.

The following Introduction is excerpted from the book:

Channels to the Mother Divine and Shiva Introduction

This book contains the Holy Mother and Shiva Channels. On the planet, this information can only be found in this book. It is very rare to receive this information.

So far, we discovered this book is more than a few thousand years old. Thousands of saints and strong devotees followed the principles in this book. According to the information we have, the handwriting of the bijaksharas[1] in this book, the power words, is the 3,000 year-old way of writing them.

We believe, especially I believe, I mean, Swami Kaleshwar believes, this was written by an unbelievable saint who really connected with Mother Divine and had channels to Her directly. Then later on, he put Her information, which he received directly from Her mouth, in this book.

It is amazing and especially interesting that they put nine yantras[2] of Shiva Lingams[3], 12 angles of a diamond shaped yantra, and 12 channels of Shiva and Mother Divine. In the book they mentioned:

  • How to Handle Mahakali
  • How to Handle the Negativity
  • How to Create High Positivity
  • How to Receive the Siddhis[4]
  • How to Demonstrate Miracles & How Miracles Can Exist
  • How to Manifest Some Divine Souls
  • How to Pull Any Divine Soul on the Planet
  • How to Peacefully Communicate with Your Real Mother & Have the Channel Until Your Soul Reaches Her
  • How to Soul Travel--Transfer Your Soul & Come Back Using the Bijaksharas

The contents of this little book look very beautiful and are evidence and proof. They are also very confusing and misunderstood on the globe. Only someone who is really in the depth can understand the ancient palm leaf books, the formulas, and especially the Yadhruvana Veda. The Yadhruvana Veda is nothing but all the Divine Channels—prayers, mantras, and yantras--from the four Vedas.

This book is based on the Yadhruvana Veda. It describes in a vast and beautiful way the amazing results we can receive. So far, thousands of people practiced the Mother Divine Channels and had unbelievable success. I believe any saint, any soul, on the planet who wants to connect to Shiva and Mother Divine that this is the easiest and fastest way.

Shiva doesn't have any structure. The majority when you see Him it is only as a rock form, the round egg shape of a Lingam. They divided the Lingam into 23 parts with 108 bijaksharas. We can see those 108 bijaksharas in the yantra. We can see in the diamond-shaped yantra the repeating of His name, the different ways of Namah Shivaya--the 12 channels, 12 layers, 12 walls. It's quite amazing how we really can enter in that chakra, pull Her and communicate in a beautiful and successful way, and discover amazing things.

But there are strong dikshas, disciplines, a person needs to follow to able to understand the Union energy--the Mother and Father Union energy. A majority of this book is about three key points for handling the Shiva/Shakti[5] energy. On this planet, those can win that very easily, very peacefully are those:

  • Who doesn't have any more kama[6] energy
  • Who really understands kama energy
  • Who really respects and understands the Union energy

You need to put your heart and open mind and have a look at the ancient bijaksharas, for example, Hessraim, Hreem, Hruum, Aim, Saoum. You only can discover these types of unbelievable bijaksharas in the ancient palm leaf books. They only exist in this world in the ancient knowledge.

Later on in this book, your Swami will explain each bijakshara, how to play and how to use them in different prayers. Prana[7], the life of the bijakshara, can make our soul activate in a proper way. Our soul is linked with one bijakshara in our life. There are only 108 bijaksharas. Any soul on the globe is linked with one bijakshara, that is called the personal mantra. Swami has already given thousands of people the personal mantra to link their souls so they can receive and pull amazing energies. These 108 bijaksharas are completely Father/Mother bijaksharas. Once we know their bijaksharas, their personal mantras, then it is easy to access them to pull their energies. Once we pull their energy then later on we can discuss how we are going to use that energy for the globe, for the planet, for the peaceful kingdom.

You might think some of the pictures of the yantras in this book are a little funny, have a little horror, are beautiful, or very energetic. It's extraordinary information, but don't misunderstand it. You can have a look at Mahakali's picture anywhere on the globe and see how She really looks. She's wearing thousands of skulls around her neck and has a horror face. Mahakali is nothing but the entire planet. Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, all the saints, maharshis, devatas, angels, came into one form, that is Kali. You can read the Puranas about Mother Divine and Mahakali, and the Devi Bhagavatam, then you will know more in depth about the creation of Mahakali. You can get them from any normal bookstore.

Thousands of years back they drew Her real structure, Her real form--Her yantra and bijaksharas. That means it is much more reliable and powerful than what we now follow in our lives. It is very easy, extremely easy, to connect and communicate with Her. But you need to have the pin number of your soul to connect that pin number to the Mother.

Later on we'll talk in depth about the Shiva character, what is His behavior, the way of His living. Then I’ll explain about His bijaksharas and the Mother’s bijaksharas. We’ll talk in depth on that in the book in various chapters.

This is just a small introduction about this book. Have a deep look at the coming chapters. Your Swami's comments are coming in depth in each chapter. There are nine chapters about what I already described. You have to read this book with peaceful a mind and open heart, it helps you a lot. No doubt, if you follow this book you'll connect to amazing supernatural Cosmic energy, the Mother and Father. You will see amazing changes in your life. You will experience that. Your Swami will give a guarantee with an open challenge. I'm not talking with egoism here, with evidence I'm talking.

Today is March 4th 2007, evening 6:20 in my office. I'm relaxing and talking about this book. I'll talk to you more in depth by the grace of Mother. I'll complete this book within 30 days. Maximum you'll get it by Guru Purnima this year, by end of the July. Good Luck.

Sri Kaleshwar Penukonda, India


[1] The powerful seed letters of mantra.
[2] A geometric drawing, a diagram of the soul and it's hidden energy structure.
[3] An oval or egg-shaped stone worshipped and regarded as the symbolic form of Shiva, the Divine Father. Its shape depicts Shiva's consciousness, which without beginning or end, it is Infinite.
[4] Supernatural powers that command on the five elements.
[5] Father/Mother
[6] Sexual and desire energy
[7] Life force