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July 12, 2007

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Alahala Garala Kantha Lingam Process this Guru Purnima

There are two top Shiva lingams existing in the planet. One of these is sitting vibrating in Dwarkamai[1] right now. That Shiva Lingam’s greatness is you can hear the water inside the Shiva Lingam. It’s like an egg. You don’t have to shake it to hear it. It’s like a whirlpool inside. What’s inside is alahala[2]. That’s a special amazing rock that’s been in the water for millions of years––not thousands––several millions of years. Its sensitivity absorbed and turned into an egg shape. It’s called the Alahala Garala Kantha Lingam. There are two on the planet; this is the first one.

On Guru Purnima, every person’s duty is to take it and hear that sound. Shake it and hear it on either side ear. You need to feel the weight, feel the energy, shake it. It’s very important to hear the voice (sound) to the ears. No personal mantras––very quiet, no thoughts. Once you hold it, it naturally sucks your negativity––that’s the key––once you shake it and hear the sound. It’s like a coconut. It’s sucks automatically. Automatically it sucks all your negativity. One touch is equal to one million powerful homas[3]––one touch easily sucks all the negativity from the beginning of your soul until now. One time touching it and hearing it, that’s enough for your life! Then after, you need to start to develop your energy. It’s a big transmission.

Who we are worshipping, one supernatural guy, also used this Shiva Lingam. Directly Shiva gave it to Mother. Then some guy pulled from the Mother[4]. Then that guy gave to another guy, who gave to another guy, who gave it back to Mother. Then someone pulled it again from Her. When I take off, again I have to give it Mother. But maybe I’m choosing someone, could be anyone on the planet, to handle that.

This Guru Purnima everybody will touch it, then afterward we’re putting Him (the lingam) in the ground. We need to prepare a special box to bury it. Fire, water, air, earth and Cosmic energy should be inside the box, but should not touch the Shiva Lingam. All the elements will be inside the box––I’ll do that. The climax will be on Guru Purnima Day. The whole inside of Dwarkamai will be very interesting. Then next year, no matter what, again pulling Him out (from the earth). No matter what, next Guru Purnima you must come and touch Him again.

Pass on the message to your friends. Share it with whoever is connected in spirituality, to your family members, if they can’t come to Guru Purnima, they can chant a certain mantra for one hour on Guru Purnima Day to connect this Garala Kantha Lingam. Soon, I will give that Guru Purnima mantra process in another Guru Day Message.


Your Swami

[1] The meditation temple in the ashram.
[2] The poison that Shiva, the Divine Father, takes from the Creation.
[3] Sacred fire ceremonies
[4] In a darshan experience, he received it directly from the Mother.

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