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Guru Day Message
August 21, 2007

People came to the Penukonda ashram from all over the world to attend the Guru Purnima program. In India, Guru Purnima is the day when the glory of the guru is celebrated. July’s full moon is said to be the most luminous of all the year’s full moons. It’s a symbol of the guru - the most supreme light to illumine our darkness.

We enjoyed the bliss of being in the presence of our divine master, Swami. He was seen everywhere greating old and new students—in his swing by the statue of Hanuman, on the steps of the Baba Mandir, in the garden, waving from the Jesus temple, sometimes with his baby daughter in his arms. Under perfect Penukonda skies Swami sent his blessing arrows piercing every heart. Peace descended as did July’s monsoon rains—moments with the master are an enlightenment—either in his physical presence or feeling his presence in the heart.

The sublime vibrations of the Garala Kanta Lingam were released not only to those in Penukonda but to the world. Thousands of students around the globe meditated to receive Shiva’s blessings from the process from the Lingam. Every day, each person poured hundreds, sometimes thousands, of lotus petals over the lingam as an offering to Shiva. Shiva’s unbelievably kind and forgiving energy was blessing everyone through the holy object.

Swami spoke about the powerful effects on each soul, and how it would effect everyone once it was buried in the earth, which was done on Guru Purnima day.

“Whatever negative karma your soul is carrying to the Earth from any planet, from the beginning until now, whatever negative energies your soul is holding are completely gone - completely gone! From today onwards what you’re doing, only your action and its reaction is coming. Then, second, any illusion that is coming is 200% a divine illusion. That divine illusion is from the Guru Parampara.

You might think what a funny process this is, putting this small Shiva Lingam rock in the earth. Our souls are based on the five elements. How that energy is going to implement on our souls is so amazing. Once that Shiva Lingam is inside the earth all of your power spots and your soul energy will immediately start to take off. From this Full Moon to the next Full Moon, you’ll feel lightness, quiet and calm and a little numb. And you will feel kind of in the bliss. Don’t get irritated. It’s not irritation—it’s a kind of—you are relaxed. For one month it will be like that. The high energy was just dumped on your soul. Then layer-by-layer it will get easier. By next Guru Purnima full moon it will be like 12 layers of changes. Once it enters the 13th layer to the soul then… there are 18 layers you have to complete with your soul.

Yes, automatically without your knowing it, the inspiration will be strong in you. You will be a super strong character. If anybody really wants to damage you, or any negative energy wants to damage you, it’s only possible if the backside mountain to disappears! I’m serious. Is it possible that mountain can disappear?

Once it’s in the ground, it will easier for your soul to communicate with the Mother and Father, and especially the Big Bosses, Baba and Jesus. It will be easy to. Your connections will become very strong. You will be like a kid talking with your grandfather telling your feelings. You’re a kid talking to your grandfather. That strong bridge will be there. It happens once it’s in the ground.

Then next year, no matter what, again we’re pulling Him out (from the earth). No matter what, next Guru Purnima you must come and touch Him again.”

Swami is very open to his students and is looking forward to meeting everyone in America in September. He said, “Let’s see what the Datta energy will bring!”

Upcoming Events

Swami will be in the USA this September to give public talks, small group interviews and blessings, and Mother Divine Initiations. For more information, please visit

New Transcripts Are Available

Swami is releasing the following three transcripts:

  • Kalachakra Process
    Buddha was the first spiritual Master to bring the teachings of the Kalachakra, the wheel of time, to the world. We are all under the powerful influence of the Kalachakra. You can trust anything in the world except time. But, “Once the Kalachakra Yantra is with you, time cannot bite you that easily.”

  • Brahma Consciousness & Yoga Nidra Divine Sleep Program
    What is our main problem as human beings? We do not know who we are and where we came from. To discover this, one has to understand the activities of the soul.

  • Shiva Purification Channels
    These purification channels will bring clarity and purity to your inner consciousness. If we do these Shiva Purification Channels on Shivaratri, the negative karmas we have accumulated over many lifetimes will get burned, washed away, and completely purified.

These transcripts are available in the Bookstore