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January 1, 2008

A Golden Message of Love

My Dear Divine Souls,

I heartfully wish you and your family a very Happy New Year for 2008.

How to wash the blocks? Skepticism is always the biggest block in spirituality. Then, unworthiness and lack of faith—in yourself, the process and the master.

How to develop a belief system to wash skepticism? Skepticism—you keep doubting each step of the activities you’re doing. If you keep running like that for the rest of your life where can you reach enlightenment and how can you really reach your goal? That’s why so far in spirituality it has taken thousands and thousands of years—why even hundreds of people haven’t gotten true success and become the real powerful masters. Just because of these main three blocks.

Developing true love in you is the remedy for that. Love is the right medicine. If you keep loving, loving, loving, loving—loving your enemy, loving your friends, loving your children, loving the plants, loving the cat, loving the animals. Everywhere putting your pure love—no matter what. Then true love is developing. Then automatically your heart, your mind, your soul will get tuned as true pure love. Whatever is happening, once you tune yourself to be a pure loving person, there’s no chance these types of blocks will develop in you. So you need to develop that to create your success.

For example, even though Baba was a little bit of an angry person, at same time he was unbelievably loving. Jesus Christ—Jesus Christ means pure love and forgiveness. Whenever love is there automatically you’ll start forgiving. You won’t see a tiny problem through a big lens. Whenever there’s no love, you see a small problem with a huge lens—then it really becomes bigger. Then the big problems start.

So today my suggestion and advice is to practice pure, divine love. Then see the results. Then you can gain the energy—the Supreme love.

Ask Shirdi Baba 2008 must be, has to be, peaceful and successful and joyful.

I wish the next year 2008 will bring a lot of peace of mind, clarity, and that you will know the truth. Good luck.

I am with you forever and ever.


Your Swami

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