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May 28, 2008

Dear Divine Students,

Swami has asked to have the following talk sent out as a Guru Day Message for everyone to enjoy. He sends his love and blessings to all.

Swami is also recommending that all of his original Maheshwari Group Students come to Penukonda this year for Guru Purnima to complete their process—“This is a high-energy time and you should come if you can.”

The Guru Purnima dates are from the 15th through the 19th of July. If you are interested in coming, please go to Sri Kaleshwar’s website to register, if you have not already done so. Or you can click on the following link

Guru Purnima Registration

The program is filling up quickly so register as soon as you can. We look forward to seeing you.

Maheshwari Group Initiations

The Maheshwari Group was initiated into the Mother Divine Process for the first time in September 2007. Since then, the group has traveled to Penukonda and experienced Mother Divine Darshan.

Swami has now opened the Maheshwari Group Process to all of his students. If you are interested in joining this divine process, the following dates and places have been arranged for initiation.

Maheshwari Mother Divine Initiation
Church of the Divine Lineage, Laytonville, CA
Saturday & Sunday, June 21st & 22nd

Maheshwari Mother Divine Initiation
Cincinnati, OH
Saturday & Sunday, June 28th & 29th

Mother Divine Darshan with Sri Kaleshwar
A Special Darshan with Maheshwari Group Members
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 19th, 20th & 21st

For details and registration, please visit the

Church Of Divine Lineage website

Swami’s Talk on the US Sevadas Conference Call May 17, 2008

Preparation for Swami’s American Tour

I hope everything is okay, guys. I heard a few comments that everybody is so unity working there. It’s so wonderful. Today, just I had a beautiful arathi and came up in my office.

A few points that I want to discuss with you, guys:

Point 1 — Pretty soon your Swami is leaving to come to America.

Point 2 — I am very concerned about everybody’s groupism—to create a very strong unity and a strong bond with each other, a strong bond at a deep level, soul level.

Point 3 — No misunderstandings, and forget about your monkey mind and skepticism.

It is not an easy process (Maheshwari Mother Divine Process) that we are doing. It is a very strong and intensive process. It is quite amazingly powerful; so far nobody on the planet has done it for 2,000 years. This whole process is based on, linked with, the ancient information. How your Swami pulled and manifested Her, again the same thing is going to happen in America, in Laytonville. I really want to do this process in the nature, somewhere in the forest area. I propose it in Laytonville, there your forest is very beautiful.

I’ve seen a lot of people’s inspiration from America is quite amazing. I’m getting some emails. It is quite beautiful. Never ever lose the inspiration—by September, second week or third week, I am going to come to America.

Meanwhile, try to be strongly inspired as much as you can. Sharing with each other the information, knowledge and updates about what’s happening from your Swami, the world tour trips, the Guru Day messages and whatever steps are happening here.

Moreover, it’s a quite an important step in your life, to charge your soul, to become a strong healer and be strong masters in the planet—that’s my major concept, and, of course the Mother and Father.

Mother Divine will do an amazing good job in your life, with your souls, no matter what comes in the nature—disasters, earthquakes, lot of floods, a lot of things. I gave the message to everybody to do the Earth mantra, and everybody is doing wonderful. Right now, I’m so impressed that everything got in good control, so She is pretty quiet, relaxed and smooth. No need to worry about anything, it is a part of Her nature sometimes to give a small fear, to make us to be a little awake to see what is going on in the nature. Nature is a big teacher to learn a lot of things. In front of our eyes, tons of things are happening, beautiful and negative things. We have to take both things in a sporty way. Whenever we think in a sporty way, concentrating on positive things, we will hit a lot of positive results.

Whenever you are diverted in a negative way, and concentrated on the negativity, and thinking on the negative description—in our hearts always thinking negatively with skepticism and doubt—we cannot see, we cannot create, we cannot do anything successfully and happily in our life.

So my sincere request and order to everybody: forget about the monkey mind, point one. Point two, just be very open hearted; whether you believe it or not, just to be in that energy, that energy will automatically carry you.

So, it’s quite amazing to hear Monika & Clint, and Jonathan & Alex & Chinello, all these beautiful souls, doing an amazing job. Very soon your Swami’s planning to come to the States.

I’ve been traveling almost a couple of months, huge journeys, hitting Switzerland, Austria, Germany, for quite amazing processes. Everybody’s so happy—a lot of success. What everybody got is so amazing. They received, and charged their souls with enough cosmic energy. I’m looking forward to seeing the same thing in America. After long time, I’m coming back.

So, try to utilize my time, and whatever energy Swami’s bringing, and whatever the Mother’s giving to you in your life. Moreover, you can also complete the next step of the Parameshwari Yoga process, when you come here for Guru Purnima. You’ll complete that too, then you can go for the third step in Laytonville, no problem.

I recommend for Monika and Clint to prepare a few students more strongly, to give them more training, some more steps of Mother Divine, the illusions, and the Arrows, and some channelings. Complete that in Laytonville. Make one small group session, one small seminar— that would be great. Mentally preparing them, everybody, very strongly. If you’re coming to Guru Purnima, then you can come, complete your process and go back, and again you can join in at Laytonville (when Swami comes in September).

I know you have a lot of business and financial problems, and a lot of responsibilities in your family. It’s okay, we can still continue with that too, but also don’t ignore spirituality. And, especially this process and what is linked with your Swam; it’s very rare to receive that.

Since years I’ve been working with thousands of people. My time is getting tight, and (the opportunity to receive) my presence is getting tight—my physical presence and attention. So, it’s important in your lives, guys, to clarify a lot of your questions, your doubts. Any clarification, I’m happy to clarify for you.

So, everything is going smooth here in India. The people, the University students, are doing quite amazing. Every day they’re doing abishek in Dwarkamai. Tomorrow they’re doing abishek to the Shiva Lingam three times. I gave my word today, that they’re going to experience amazing, powerful experiences within a few days because the Mother is very relaxed, quiet and calm. She wants to offer a lot of miracle energies to each soul, so they can experience whatever unbelievable thing they want. One day very soon they’re going to express their experiences to you, guys.

I hope you’ll receive the same thing one day in your life, with your Swami and with Mother. That’s very, very, very good luck and a boon what is happening here in India, in the Dwarakamai. All students here in the ashram, the staff and the University students, are very super unity, super trance—they’re all like huge horses (together) on a chariot—so their energy is super-fast and pretty powerful.

I want to recommend the same thing to you in America, to all your Maheshwari group, be in unity and sharing with each other. Stop the fightings and skepticism, thirdly, stop power struggles. Power struggles are most contagious and are a nasty thing. So try to be good brothers and sisters, share and help each other, not blaming.

If you keep fighting, guys, the same thing that happened in the Big Boss’ life—Jesus Christ’s life—in his student kingdom, the same problem happened. That’s why he was not able to give that much information on the Earth—because of a lack of understanding and unity (amongst his students). And he got attracted (connected) to Mother Divine, and did his own channels. Now later on, it’s happening. So late, 2000 years later, again the same cycle, the same circle, is happening.

I recommend very sincerely, to try to be connected with Penukonda, especially the Guru Day messages. Every two, three days, there’ll be a message for you, guys. You can hear it and follow that.

I recommend that everybody should learn the Nine Arrows. I recommend for Monika to teach the Nine Arrows to each student, even if they don’t know about any of the steps of Mother Divine. Teach about the illusions and channelings of Mother Divine, and a brief level about the JC Channels, winning a woman’s heart, that channel especially, and the Nine Arrows, how to protect from any type of illusion.

And another thing, I want to make you guys—Clint and Monika and Jonathan—teach how to handle Mother Divine, the illusions, step by step, the strokes. Monika is expert and Clint is expert on that—handling Mother Divine. I recommend for them to try to teach, and send emails to each student, how you need to sensitively handle each stroke1, how you need to be careful until five strokes, what you need to do, and after five strokes what precautions you need to take, what type of boons you can get, what type of things you can receive from Her, what type of communication She can really give. So try to share these things, and your personal experiences, straightly to all the brand-new students, even those who just had a very small darshan stroke with Mother Divine. Make them as a unity.

It’s quite amazing, what’s happened in your life. You might think it’s a little crazy, as a human suspecting with your monkey mind. I understand that, that’s a natural phenomenon. But wait and see in the long term, the long results, how your soul, your abilities, your bliss, your protection circles, are going to improve. So wait and watch, and keep doing the sadhana2. Everything is good.

So I’m really looking forward to seeing you, guys. I’m very, very grateful to everybody, to be in the Sai family Guru Parampara.

And try to understand Shirdi Baba’s life history a little bit. What he’s been through, how his master tested him and how the nature tested him. How the nature was a little crazy to him, and how the nature created a huge wound on Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s back. In Jesus Christ’s life, why did he accept to be crucified? What is the inner mechanism of that? Even though he’s so amazingly powerful, an extreme divine soul, why did he accept that? Try to have a small idea of these types of things in nature before you enter into more depth. I sincerely recommend to all the senior students, to share that with others. I have already given tons of knowledge and information. You have that with you, guys, so try to share that.

Your Swami’s also doing pretty hard work in all the Europe countries, every day one country. Doing seminars, workshops, healings, interviews and experiences. It’s quite amazing. Especially the last time, my trip to Switzerland was quite amazing. And Berlin is also quite amazing… interesting souls. Some new students are quite amazing.

Why I’m saying all these things; it means in the coming days, I don’t think that Swami’s physical presence can travel that far to be with you, sharing, happy and smiling. So it is your duty, guys, for all the students to know the knowledge and to bring the fragrance on the globe.

Ten years back, I talked about Jesus’ life to Monika and Philip, they have some CDs. But at that period of time, some illusions hit and I saw not to talk about Jesus. I talked several hours on the video CDs, what type of channels Jesus did, and what type of channels we have. Now, very soon, your Swami is releasing a great amazing book about Jesus Christ’s channels, his life history, what happened in his life after his crucifixion. Also before, in his childhood days, where he traveled, and what type of sadhana he did, where his power spot is, who is his soul mate. These types of things I’m going to discuss and explain this Guru Purnima.

And a few senior-most students who already connected two to three times with Mother Divine, are also going to connect with Jesus Christ physically, and having a small, little tiny bit conversation, and having great experiences from his cross and his statue. That’s what I’m giving, blessing, at Guru Purnima time.

So the energy is ready, guys. I brought you near the river, so now you can swim or you can drink or you can enjoy whatever you want in the water. But you cannot sit outside. If you want to learn swimming, just taking notes doesn’t help. You need to jump in the swimming pool with your master to know how to swim. I’m happy to teach you, to make you a good swimmer in this divine illusion court.

Good. All my love, and take care, guys, and have a wonderful day. And Clint and Monika try to take care of the whole Maheshwari Group.

I’ll see you very soon, guys.

All my love and divine blessings to everybody! Good luck!


1. Visit with Mother Divine in Her physical form

2. Spiritual practices


In order to create the flexible infrastructure that will allow Swami to come here in whatever way the energy calls for—whether it is a series of talks and events in major cities, or a phone call telling us to gather in the nature in two weeks—we need to have in place a set of teams ready to leap into action when that call comes. Swami said, “I really hope each of my American students will do their maximum best to help.”

If you would like to be part of the US SevaDas team, click this link to signup