Arathi to Shirdi Baba

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Everyone assembles for Baba’s arathi in the mandir (temple). The women stand on the south side and the men on the north side of the hall. This diksha (important guideline) is strictly observed for all arathis, as well as for fire pujas and abisheks (washing of Baba).

Before the Baba arathi begins, the pujari (priest) takes a small amount of prasad (food to be blessed by the arathi) and puts it on a leaf before the main murthi (the Baba statue) and blesses it by sprinkling it with water and placing a flower on it while reciting mantras. Next, he lights incense sticks and gracefully waves them over the statues on the stage, invoking the air element with the blessing of the smoke.

The pujari then raises the arathi lamp and with his arm extended makes continuous, clockwise circles in front of Baba to draw Baba’s atma (soul energy) into the flame. With this, the singing of the arathi begins. At the same time, the pujari rings a hand-held bell throughout the first song and the presentation of the flame to Baba’s murthi.

Swami has explained that the song itself is in praise of Baba, in beautiful terms expressing his greatness. Note that each verse ends with “Om Jagadisha Hare”, which Swami says is an opportunity to ask Baba for your heart’s desire. This is the Indian tradition: first, praise God before asking whatever it is you want.

At the end of the first song, we pray that the wonderful blessings we’ve just received be shared with the world with the words, “Loka samasta sukino bhavanthu”. At this time, the pujari again raises the lamp and slowly turns in place 365º, presenting the flame to the world as a blessing.

The arathi lamp is then presented individually to each person to receive its blessing. First, you “draw the flame” to your 3rd Eye by waving both hands over it with palms toward the flame, then raising them to your eyes and finally over the top of your head (Some people also draw the energy of the flame directly to their 3rd Eye and their heart as well). As you do this, inwardly and heartfully ask that Baba’s “soul light” illumine your soul.

During the time that the arathi lamp is brought around to each person, there is a call-and-response recitation during which the pujari calls out an invocation to Shirdi Sai Baba, followed by one to Satya Sai Baba and then one to Sri Kaleshwar, with the gathered group responding at the end of each with a resounding “Jai!” (Victory!).

When everyone has received their individual blessing from the flame and the invocations are complete, the pujari recites a prayer during which we each turn in place (clockwise) 3 to 5 times. This is a humble presentation of ourselves to “the Divine that exists within us and all around us”. It is a symbolic pradakshina (circumambulation) around the Sadguru (the Highest Teacher) or the Divinity within us as well as a presentation of all sides of ourselves to the Divine in Nature, here represented by Baba.

After completing the turns, it is traditional to pranam (a devotional prostration). For women, this means kneeling down with the forehead on the floor and the top of the head towards Baba. Men may also do this posture or they may make a ‘full’ pranam:

Baba’s Arati

Om Jai Jagadisha Hare Swami Shirdi Sai Hare
Bhakta Jana Samrakshaka (2 ×)
Shirdi Maheshwara Om Jai Jagadisha Hare

Om, victory (Jai) to the Lord of the universe (Jagadhisha), Lord Shirdi Sai, who destroys (Hare) grief, evil and miseries of life and who guards and protects (samrakshaka) devotees (Bhakta Jana). Victory to the Lord of the universe, Lord of Lords (Maheshwara)- Lord of Shirdi!

Shashi Vadana Shrikara
Sarva Prana Pate Swami Sarva Prana Pate
Ashrita Kalpalatika (2 ×)
Apad Bandhava Om Jai Jagadisha Hare

Your face (Vadana) is graceful (Shrikara) and charming as a full moon (Sashi)! Thou art the Lord (Pate) and life-force (Prana) of all (Sarva) beings; the wish-fulfilling Divine creeper (Kalpalatika) to those who are helpless (Ashritha); and protector and friend (Bandhava) in times of distress and calamities (Apad).
Victory to the Lord of the universe!

Mata Pita Guru Devamu
Mariantayu Nive Swami Mariantayu Nive
Nada Brahma Jagannatha (2 ×)
Nagendrashayana Om Jai Jagadisha Hare

Thou art Mother (Mata), Father (Pita), Noble Teacher (Guru Devamu), Supreme Divinity and everything to us. O Lord of the universe (Jaganatha)! Thou art the primeval sound (NadaBrahma) and you recline on the coiled serpent (Nagendrashayana). Victory to the Lord of the universe!

Omkara Rupa Hare
Shiva Sai Mahadeva Shirdi Sai Mahadeva
Mangala Arati Anduko (2 ×)
Mandaragiridhari Om Jai Jagadisha Hare

Thou art the embodiment (Rupa) of the Absolute (Omkara), great Lord (Mahadeva) Shiva and great Lord Shirdi Sai. Please accept (Anduko) this auspicious (Mangala) holy flame (Arati). Thou art alo Vishnu who carried (Dhari) as a tortoise the Mandara-Mountain (Giri) in the milk-ocean. Victory to the Lord of the universe!

Narayana Narayana Om Satya Narayana Narayana Narayana Om
Narayana Narayana Om Satya Narayana Narayana Om Satya Narayana Narayana Om
Om Jai Sadguru Deva (3x)

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

All beings reside in you (Narayana). You are divine truth (Satya)! Om, all praise (Jai) to our real divine master (Sadguru Deva)! Om, Peace Peace Peace.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu (3x)
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

May (Bhavanthu) all the worlds (Loka Smasta) be happy (Sukhino)!

Call: Aki Landa Koti Brahma Dhanaiya Ka
Raja Di Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma
Satchitananda Samat Sat Guru Sri
Bhagawan Shirdi Sai Nath Maharaji Ki
Response: Jai!

Call: Aki Landa Koti Brahma Dhanaiya Ka
Raja Di Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma
Satchitananda Samat Sat Guru Sri
Bhagawan Satya Sai Maharaj Ji Ki
Response: Jai!

Call: Aki Landa Koti Brahma Dhanaiya Ka
Raja Di Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma
Satchitananda Samat Sat Guru Sri
Bhagawan Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami
Maharaj Ji Ki…
Response: Jai!

All worlds, all people (Aki Landa Koti) are one on this earth (Brahma Dhanayaka). You are the king of kings (Raja Di Raja) and the enlightened One (Yogi Parabrahma). Your are Sat-chit-ananda (existence-awarness-bliss). Divine Grandeur (Bhagavan) Shirdi Sai – Satya Sai – Swami Sri Sai Kaleshwar, beloved Greatest King (maharaji) all praise (Jai) to (Ki) You !

Paramam Pavitram Baba Vibhuthim
Paramam Vichitram Leela Vibhuthim
Paramartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradatam
Baba Vibhuthim Idam Asrayami

Sai Baba Vibhuthim Satatam Smarami
Shirdi Sai Vibhuthim Manasa Smarami

The holy ash (Vibhuthim) from Baba is supreme (Paramam) purity (Pavitram).
Its divine game (Leela) is full of supreme (Paramam) varierty and miracles (Vichitram).

The spiritual goal of life (Paramartha), the aim (Artha) I am longing for (Ishta), is liberation (Moksha) and Vibuthi gives that to me.

Oh Baba, this (Idam) holy ash is my (-mi) support and protection (Asraya). This Vibuthi always (Satatam) makes me remember your divine name (Smarami) and have your divinity in my mind (Manasa).

Om Om Om
Asato Ma Sat Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyothir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya

O Lord, please lead (Gamaya) me (Ma) from untruth (Asato) to Truth (Sat), from darkness (Tamaso) to Light (Jyothir), from death (Mrityor) to Immortality (Amritam)!

Om Sahana Vavatu
Sahano Bhunaktu
Sahaviryam Karavavahey
Tejas Vina Vadhita Mastu
Ma Vidhwishavahey
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Together (saha) may we (Na) be protected (Vavatu)
Together may we be nourished (Bhunaktu)
Together may we work with great energy (Viryam Karavavahey)
May our study together (Vina Vadhita Mastu) be brilliant (Tejas) and effective
May there be no bad feelings between us (Ma Vidhwishavahey).
Om, may there be peace, may there be peace, may there
be peace!

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