Free eye operation performed in Navya Sri Eye Clinic
Free eye operation performed in Navya Sri Eye Clinic

Who is starving with the disease and hungry you cannot teach the mantra and the process. It is nonsense. They need a piece of bread and they need a little medical kit, and something. Try to serve them…it is called in telugu, Madhava Seva. Bhagavan seva.

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Line for free medical clinic
Line for free medical clinic

Free Medical Camps

By providing free medical screening, diagnosis and treatment, SSGT has addressed and treated many diseases. Direct intervention and preventative education have improved the overall standard of health in and around the surrounding villages in Andhra Pradesh. During these clinics, western doctors from Germany, Austria, and the US have collaborated with local government doctors, donating their time and service to support the SSGT mission.

Navya Sri Eye Clinic

Sri Kaleshwar speaking with surgery patients and their families
Sri Kaleshwar speaking with surgery patients and their families

As early as 2001, SSGT has been conducting free medical eye camps to the poor villagers in India. In November of that year, it had operated on over 1,000 patients inflicted with many ocular disorders. All patients were provided food, accommodations, transportation and glasses free of cost.

In 2007, with the support of SSGT, the Navya Sri Eye Clinic was created. Named after the daughter of the SSGT founding chairman, Sri Kaleshwar, the first ever eye clinic in this area was established. Its goal is to provide state of the art surgery for the elimination and prevention of various eye diseases such as cataracts.

Thousands of surgeries have been performed, and the clinic provides much needed ocular health care. Essential medical equipment, ambulance vehicles, operating facilities and support staff, have been provided to meet this overwhelming need of people who would otherwise not be able to afford proper care. Since its creation, the clinic has doubled its physical location size, and its surgeries have expanded significantly within its first 18 months.

Since its creation, Sri Kaleshwar has personally donated vehicles, ambulances and mini buses for transportation of patients, doctors and emergency purposes. As the hospital grows and the needs increase, addtional vehicles are planned to support the eye clinic’s growth.

Children with HIV

Recently SSGT and its chairman Sri Kaleshwar have provided much needed support to several organizations within its district, such as the Krushi Village development to help children inflicted with the HIV virus. Providing much needed nutritional suppliments and medical assistance, SSGT continues to support this growing problem in India. Although a permanent cure for this disease has yet to be discovered, assistance continues to support those with the virus and research into its eventual cure.

When addressing these children, Sri Kaleshwar had this to say:
 “Each and every person should come forward to help the people who are suffering with the dangerous disease HIV and make them feel happy, giving self confidence for them and also make those people to turn towards God and also take minimum responsibility for the welfare of HIV effected people and in eradicating this dangerous disease”.

Shirdi Sai Medical Hospital Complex

Potential Layout of Shirdi Sai Medical<br />Hospital Complex
Potential Layout of Shirdi Sai Medical
Hospital Complex

In cooperation with the government of Andhra Pradesh, land has been donated within Penukonda Village to SSGT for the creation of an International Medical Hospital Complex. Within the district, this hospital will have one of the highest standards of specialization within Andhra Pradesh, and India. Phase I has already begun, with addtional complexes included for the educational training of medical personel, nurses, interns and doctors.

Total cost for this project is $20 million, and has already received international support from charitable organizations, prominent medical doctors and social leaders from US, European Union, and Asian countries.

Medical Assistance Articles

First Anniversary of Navyashree Eye Hospital
Aug 05, 2008 medical charity

Courtesy of Surya, Sakshi, Eenadu, Andhrajyoti, Andhrabhumi, Andhraprabha, Vartha

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On 4th of August 2008, the first anniversary of Navyashree Eye Hospital was celebrated at Penukonda, with Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar invited as the chief guest. In his speech, Sri Kaleshwar said the following:

“Every person should leave their selfishness, grudges and live their life for the development of the society and for the nation’s peace. The obstacles for the development of the society is only of selfishness and personal grudges.

When Mr. Konka Mallesh, the present Managing Director of Navyashree Eye Hospital, approached me and talked about a free eye hospital for the poor and asked for financial help, immediately I provided all the financial support to start the hospital. For this drought hit area we are doing all the charitable activities keeping the poor people’s needs in mind and working for their betterment.

Some anti-social elements are putting some personal grudges in their minds creating some obstacles for these development activities. I have devotees from all around the world requesting me many times to come and stay in their countries leaving this dangerous faction area; but I refused their request because I want to stay in this place and serve the society and work hard to make this place peaceful with the help of Sri Shirdi Sainatha.

If the press and police cooperate with us then we can make this place a peaceful place. Serving others should come from one’s heart."

Sri Kaleshwar appreciated all the people of Penukonda for their unity among each other irrespective of their individual religions; Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Jains are all living together like brothers.

Sri Kaleshwar felt happy by the work done by Mr. Konka Mallesh in providing eye sight for more than 2000 poor and aged people through the Navyashree Eye Hospital.

He continued his speech by stating:

“I am going to donate an additional $15,000 (7 lakhs rupees) for the development of Navyashree Eye Hospital and will construct another hospital building. With good intention, I want to construct a Super Speciality Hospital, but the Government has not responded by allocating the place for the eventual construction of the hospital. By the year 2010 we will construct this hospital which will house 500 beds, Medical College, Dental College, and Nursing College. We will overcome all these obstacles and difficulties.”

CPI Political Leaders Praise Sri Kaleshwar

The CPI political party leaders Mr. Jagdish, the Farmers Association leader Mr. Katamaiah who once criticized Sri Kaleshwar, openly praised him for his spiritual and social charitable activities for the welfare of poor people. He went further to say that their party would stand beside, support and follow Sri Kaleshwar with his charitable activities.

Chiranjeevi Party Leaders Praised Sri Kaleshwar

Chiranjeevi, one of the famous film stars and also known as mega star in India, his followers Mr. Chandra Mouli who was one of Chirranjeev’s part leader for State wide and Mr. Ramesh Babu, in their speech praised Sri Kaleshwar as a hero for taking Mother Teresa as role model, serving poor people with his spiritual and charitable activities with the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba and by the support of his devotees, the charitable activities which Swami was doing were highly commendable and asked Sri Kaleshwar’s blessing for his favorite hero Chiranjeevi. They also questioned the Government for not responding to provide necessary land for the construction of Super Speciality Hospital.

At this event Swami distributed free spectacles for the people who received their eye operations. The people present on this occasion were the Ex-Minister Mr. Narsa Goud, Surpanch of Penukonda Smt. Jayalakshmi, Mr. Konka Mallesh Managing director of Navyashree Eye Hospital, Shirdi Sai Global Trust members Mr. Bhaskar Reddy and others participated in this event.

New Vehicle Donated to Navyashree Eye Hospital
Jul 23, 2008 medical charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Vartha

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Today, loving praise went to Sri Kaleshwar from Mr. Konka Mallesh, Managing Director of Navyashree Eye Hospital, for donating a Scorpio vehicle to Navyashree Eye Hospital. Mallesh explained that poor patients suffering from eye injuries, eye diseases, and blindness could receive immediate assistance and relief from suffering because of vehicles donated by Sri Kaleshwar and his trust.

Previously, Sri Kaleshwar donated a mini bus for the transportation of the patients and today he donated another vehicle for transportation purposes at the Navyashree eye hospital. Mr. Konka Mallesh also said that the Navyashree Eye Hospital was running successfully all due to the generous financial support provided by Sri Kaleshwar.

Free Eye Camp comes to Sumbalapulakunt Village
Jun 17, 2008 medical charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Andhrabhumi, Surya

Under the guidance of Navyashree Eye Hospital a free eye camp was conducted at Sumbalapulakunt Village. Nearly 45 poor people received eye examinations and treatment. Among those treated 26 people were found needing eye operations for cataracts. Immediately those people were shifted to Navyashree Eye Hospital at Penukonda for their free operations. All patients had their transportation, food, medicines, accommodations and spectacles provided free of charge by the Navyashree Hospital.

Free Eye Camp at Amarapuram Village
Jun 16, 2008 medical charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Andhrabhumi, Surya

Under the guidance of the Navyashree Eye Hospital, a free eye camp was conducted at Amarapuram Village. Approximately 36 poor people received eye treatment, and of them, 16 people required eye operations (cataracts). All these patients were shifted to the Navyashree Eye Hospital in Penukonda for their operations. Transportation, food, medicines, accommodations and Spectacles were provided by the Navyashree hospital authorities free of charge.

Free Bread And Nutritious Food For HIV Kids And Famillies
Jun 09, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Surya, Vartha, Andhrabhumi, Andhrajyoti, Andhraprabha

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Free bread and nutritious food is bringing joy to local villagers in need. Under the guidance of Sri Kaleshwar through his Shirdi Sai Global Trust, free bread was distributed to poor families and patients in the hospitals this month. The distribution was done by Sai Kaleshwar Seva dal Members.

Free nutritious food was also distributed to HIV effected kids by the Krushi Village Development Society through the support of Sri Kaleshwar. Every month Swami provides financial support for the Society to provide nutritious food and all other needs for these poor HIV effected children.

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