My Aim
Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar

My Mission Is to Create Success in Every Soul

Heartfully it’s my huge mission, ambition and aim to create huge success in each soul. That’s it. I’m happy to work day and night, night and day whatever the energy will access to make it done. I’m happy to do it. I’m happy to face any type of pain, whatever the extent of pain. I already offered Mother Divine, ‘Use me in whatever way you want. Make my students successful.’ The number one priority is to who really has an open heart.

You Have to Meditate to Reach the High Power Channels

Many people have the question, ‘Swami, why do we have to wait? Why can’t you make it happen like that, boom? We all love you so much. We have 100% faith in you. Why can’t you show it to us right now?’ Whatever masters, or anyone in the universe who says, ‘Just open your heart, suck the love, you can do whatever you want.’ I completely disagree with that statement. One hundred percent I disagree with that. That’s fakery knowledge. Take any master in the universe and see what they’ve been through. Take their past lives, how they really went through it. You have to go through it. You have to purify, you have to suck that energy to get certain abilities in you. Then, here you go. There is no path in the universe without meditating to reach the high power channels. I will challenge anyone in the universe on this.

The Master’s Luck and the Student’s Luck

The final point is you met a strong beautiful master. Then he threw you to Mother Divine. He’s giving you the right channel. That’s a huge, huge luck! It’s the master’s luck and the student’s luck. Hey, giving a gift and receiving a gift—both persons have to be qualified. If I’m giving a gift to you it means I have to be qualified to give it to you. If you’re receiving a gift from me, it means you have to qualify to receive it from me. Equal 100%.

I Will Feel So Happy When You Reach Your Position

What I’m trying to do with everyone is to win it in this lifetime in a short period. That’s really Concorde speed. I’m putting like a vacuum power to reach your destiny. That’s the master’s work to fix it. Absolutely that’s the master’s work but you have to do your duty. When I will feel really so happy is when you reach your position, if I’m here or I’m not here. Until then, I’m in pain. Not pain, it’s a kind of waiting. Like I’m sitting, watching the race running. But I’m also so lucky to have sincere students. I feel so proud of myself, saying thanks to God and Mother Divine and Baba.

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