The bottom line is Anam Parabrahmam. It means, the whole Brahma Consciousness is hidden in the food. Helping, plus all the giving nature is on one side, and feeding others is on the other side. It balances.

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If I give you a beautiful sari, next time you’ll expect another one. But the food, after you eat it, no, it’s done. That’s why from the beginning, even when many people brought a lot of prasad to Baba, he didn’t like that. He had to go into the village, to each house to receive some roti, or day-old food, plus fresh food that he mixed in his bowl. He mixed everything together. He ate and kept throwing some to the dogs and animals around.
Sri Kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar distributing ragi balls to starving farmers
Sri Kaleshwar distributing ragi balls to starving farmers

Providing food during an eight year continous drought, Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) directly provided two meals daily for farmers and villagers for several months. When crop failure due to the lack of rain and ground water levels dried up, desperation and starvation increased dramatically. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, farmer suicides from crop loss was at its highest in recorded history.

Since then, SSGT planned a longer term vision of addressing accute situations, by stockpiling large amounts of basic commodities of rice and protien rich dahl legume. Often these staple items are prepared and distributed to areas where there are accute unexpected shortages.

Water for Villages

New water well being drilled
New water well being drilled
The bottom line is Anam Parabrahmam. It means, the whole Brahma Consciousness is hidden in the food. Helping, plus all the giving nature is on one side, and feeding others is on the other side. It balances.

For example, suppose you’re hungry. If I feed you and you eat until you are full, if I want to give you some more, you say, No thank you, I can’t.

That is the real gift you can give. If I gave a thousand dollars, you’ll ask again for a thousand dollars. No problem, I’m happy to take it. You know what I’m saying?
Sri Kaleshwar

For the past eight years the state of Andhra Pradesh has been in a perpetual drought. Hundreds of villages and small towns do not even have local water wells, leaving those to walk many kilometers to fill water jugs for drinking & cooking purposes. In response to this lack of proper water, SSGT has spent extensive development and financial assistance to provide borewells as deep as 500 ft in areas where there was no water source. Without water, communities cannot survive and farmers cannot plant crops for food.

Safe Drinking Water

Since 2004 the Trust has not only provided borewells for irrigation, but has provided water filtration units that purify and remove hazardous levels of flouride and other harmful contaminents, making it safe for villages to drink and cook.

Food During Holidays

For the past several years, during the period of Christmas thru New Years, Sri Kaleshwar and the Trust members have donated sweets and food to over 15 villages, totaling over 300,000 people. Tractors travel many kilometers distributing packets of food, reaching out to these romote locations in a true spirit of holiday giving.

Hunger Relief Articles

Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust Feeds 250,000 Poor At Krishnadevaryaya’s 500th Year Celebration
Aug 08, 2010 charity hunger

August, 2010, Penukonda, India: Andhra Pradesh celebrated the 500th anniversary of coronation of Sri Krishnadevaraya, emperor of the Vijayanagara kingdom. Considered one of the great rulers of medieval India, Krishnadevaraya’s 21-year reign marked a renaissance of literature and arts and broad religious tolerance. Hampi was the seat of power. Penukonda was the second capital at the King’s summer palace where you can still see the ancient buildings across the road from Sri Kaleshwar’s ashram.

The month long celebration throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh culminated in a three day celebration in Penukonda in mid-August, 2010.

Concerned about the throngs of impoverished people expected to attend the celebration, Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust worked with local and state authorities to set up five food stations to help feed the multitudes. The Trust dedicated one food station to support students from dozens of local schools participating in the celebrations.

The Shirdi Sai Global Trust donated over 300,000 packets of water, 11,000 KG of rice and other foods that fed an average of 75,000 people a day over the three day celebration. Seva volunteers and ashram staff worked day and night to serve the community. Forty-two people cooked the food at the ashram, using over 12 tractor loads of fire wood. Fifty volunteers worked in the five stations, delivering and serving the food and cleaning up. They served over 285,000 plates over the course of the three day festival.

Residents of Penukonda and Andhra Pradesh expressed their gratitude to Sri Kaleshwar for his concern for the needy and providing food and water during the festival.

“I am Adinarayana sir. Many people here are from below the poverty line. They can’t have the food outside or in the hotels. So Swami did the very good thing for the poor by arranging the food and water facility. For that Swami is very great and hats off to Swami.”

“Government is spending crores of money on this function arrangements,” said Mylarappa, from Penukonda. “But they got failed in arranging food and water facility for the people who are coming to this function. But Swami is arranging this facility for the people. This food donation is more affective than any other. That’s why I am praying to God to give more blessings to Kaleshwar for his service towards the people.”

“We are from the Parigi Govt. school. On the event of Sri Krisna Devaraya 500 years celebrations we came here to visit the historical monuments and places in Penukonda. Before reaching here we thought about the buses and facilities for our students. But after reaching here we find good food and water facilities provided by Swami Kaleshwar, and he included the Krishna Devaraya’s prosperity and prestige by providing all these facilities. These facilities are good. I am thankful to Swami for giving me this opportunity on behalf of Parigi Govt. high school.”

Nutritious Food for HIV Affected Children
Jan 10, 2009 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Surya

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Sri Sai Kaleshwar continued his charitable HIV preventative program this year, by again donating nutritional food packages to children infected with the deadly virus. In cooperation with the Krushi Village Development Society and its president, these care packages were distributed with the help of Mr Kandula Srinivas, who is the regional manager of one of India’s largest conglomerates, Reliance Industries. Its branch manager Mr Shashidhar Reddy also assisted in the distribution.

Food Distribution for HIV Affected Children
Sep 17, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Surya & Sakshi

Sri Kaleshwar distributed nutritious food for the poor HIV infected children within Penukonda. Sri Kaleshwar has committed to providing monthly financial support to the Krushi Village Development Society, who has been continuously taking care of HIV patients.

On this occasion, MR. Srinivasulu who is the Regional manager of Reliance Industries, and Mr. Ramanjaneyulu the President of the Krushi Society were present.

Free Bread And Nutritious Food For HIV Kids And Famillies
Jun 09, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Sakshi, Surya, Vartha, Andhrabhumi, Andhrajyoti, Andhraprabha

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Free bread and nutritious food is bringing joy to local villagers in need. Under the guidance of Sri Kaleshwar through his Shirdi Sai Global Trust, free bread was distributed to poor families and patients in the hospitals this month. The distribution was done by Sai Kaleshwar Seva dal Members.

Free nutritious food was also distributed to HIV effected kids by the Krushi Village Development Society through the support of Sri Kaleshwar. Every month Swami provides financial support for the Society to provide nutritious food and all other needs for these poor HIV effected children.

Nutritious Food for HIV Children
Apr 09, 2008 medical hunger charity

Courtesy of Eenadu, Andhraprabha, Surya, Sakshi, Andhrabhumi, Andhrajyoti, Vartha

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Sri Kaleshwar distributed nutritious food for HIV effected children at Penukonda this April. On this benevolent occasion, he said, “each and every person should come forward to help the people who are suffering with this dangerous disease, while trying to make their lives happy and giving a sense of self-confidence to them. We should also try to support them to turn towards God. We should take responsibility for the welfare of HIV effected people and in the eradication of this dangerous disease.”

He also added that, “people will do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, which has proven to be deadly to these kids and was also making the future of these kids dark.”

This program was organized by the Krushi Village Development Society. Sri Kaleshwar has also provided all financial support for this Society. The society’s president, Mr. Ramnjanayulu, expressed appreciation for his kind financial support. The persons who participated in this program included: Mr. Bhaskar Reddy (Shirdi Sai Global Trust official), Mr. Bedi who was the President of Young India Project, Women’s’ Welfare Trust and others.

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