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Mahasamadhi — Krishna Bhajans LIVE from Penukonda

This is the first volume in a series of LIVE cd’s to be produced by Shiva Sai Mandir Music and Sri Kaleshwar. This compilation of Krishna Bhajans was recorded in Penukonda on the Dwarkamai veranda and in the JC garden during the devotional, generative and healing power of the bhajans, which were sung and collected over the several days following Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi. Each song was recorded at various different times of day and night. You will find that each bhajan is unique, delivering a sweet fragrance of those precious days with our master, a deeply moving and powerful time singing the bhajans to our beloved Sri Kaleshwar. We hope this LIVE compilation cd is a vehicle for sharing the energy generated from Swami’s Mahasamadhi to the whole globe. May you be filled with a in-depth silence as you listen to these Krishna bhajans and may it transcend you into a union and bliss with all.

In heartfelt gratitude and love, we dedicate this LIVE cd to our beloved teacher and friend, Swamiji, Guruji, Sri Kaleshwar, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus and the entire Guru Parampara.

You can download three sample songs from the CD.

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Content of CD

  1. Guru Mantra
  2. Govinda Jaya Jaya
  3. Atma Rama
  4. Jai Jai Gopala
  5. Ananda Sagara
  6. Govinda Krishna Jai
  7. Sri Krishna
  8. Hey Ram Bhagavan
  9. Murali Krishna
  10. Swagatam Krishna
  11. Om Shanti

The Five Elements Process™

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The Five Elements Process™ opens an individual’s spiritual channels to connect directly with the cosmic energy. It brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates positive protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful.

Altar Photos of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Kaleshwar

If you would like a photo for your altar, you can download one of the following photos (by clicking on the photo) and either print it yourself or take it to your local printer.

Recording of Shirdi Baba’s Arathi Sung in Penukonda

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Four times a day, arathi is sung to Shirdi Baba in the Ashram Mandir. Sri Kaleshwar has explained that the song itself is in praise of Baba, in beautiful terms expressing his greatness. When a verse ends with “Om Jagadisha Hare”, it is an opportunity to ask Baba for your heart’s desire. This is the Indian tradition: praise God before asking whatever it is you want.

Swagatam Krishna — Bhajan from “Prayers from an Open Heart”

Download this beautiful bhajan recorded by Shiva Sai Mandir Music.

You can check any ashram, any place, you won’t find these types of rhythms anywhere. This is soft, melodious and easy so that any person can catch on to it. They can get it. They will get it. If you are tuned to soft music, of course, your thoughts, your actions, your movements, your lifestyle, everything, will become soft.
— Sri Kaleshwar

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