Spiritual Mastery
Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar

A Spiritual Master Has to Understand the Positive and the Negative

Millions of people are drug addicts. Millions of people are captured by a lot of bad habits. Who can really help them? The most genius people are only the spiritual masters. Only through divine love, through God’s love can you help them unbelievably. If you really want to learn such techniques, you have to understand the pains of the world and the channels of cosmic energy to suck the negativity of the world. You have to go to the positive side and the negative side. Once if you understand both sides then you can become a master.

It Takes a Lot of Grinding to Create a Master

It really takes a lot of grinding for the master to turn each student as a master. Then he determines how much the student can really ‘grind’ it in the nature. Grinding means the ability to work with people, to communicate with people. And also it means how much hard work you can do to serve the world. How much you’re willing to do the work.

Making Masters is a Huge Job

To prepare illusion masters, mahamaya masters, that’s a huge job. Making one master is equal to taking care of 100,000,000 people…easily 100,000,000 people.

It’s Necessary to Purify the Students

It’s my dharma to wash out some stuff, what is really stagnating in the student, and what they’re holding. If I don’t wash it out, if I’m just giving and walking out, it won’t work out for many lifetimes. That’s why from the ancient times until now, especially in these last couple of centuries, no saints have been able to prepare amazing students on this planet.

The Master’s Training

I don’t want to command on my students saying, ‘You should do this, you should do that.’ Do whatever you like, be happy, be in a good way. But when I’m giving the training it’s like I’m making a statue from a rock. At the time, the statue cries, ‘Why is he beating me with his chisel? Why is he chiseling me?’ But after a while it’s a beautiful statue and they’re making beautiful garlands to put on you and throwing flowers at your feet. The chiseling is so important. Someone chiseled the Baba statue, cutting the rock, making his legs. Baba never felt bad asking, ‘Why he’s doing it like that?’ He needed it. Now he’s done and we’re throwing flowers and rose water.

Helping People is a Yoga

If you follow one stage with the master, then you will automatically become a master. Then you easily can help many, many people. When you are helping many people, that great happiness, that is incredible! Whatever benefits the patients are getting from you, whatever benefit the heartbroken person is getting, your soul is getting higher and higher and higher, more and more powerful. Without your notice, your soul is like a raw diamond. Then you are cutting it in a beautiful way making it so dazzling. That energy making your soul so dazzling is one type of meditation. Helping people is one type of huge yoga.

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