Kartika Purnami – Special Full Moon Every 100 Years

God is nothing but you. You are nothing but God.
Sri Kaleshwar

On Sunday evening, November 1st, 2009 in Penukonda, Sri Kaleshwar gave the first global conference call to his student kingdom around the world. Connecting conference call systems in the United States, Europe, and London thousands of students called in from around the world to hear Swami’s talk.

Swami said that we were in the energy of the most powerful full moon, which only happens once every 100 years. Starting the next night, for the next three nights, Swami would be lighting huge flames in Penukonda. The vibrations of the flames will transfer to everyone’s soul during the process. He said, “(They) will hit your soul on a consciousness level in a beautiful way.” Swami is going to take care of the process from Penukonda. “It’s the biggest gift I can give my student kingdom.”

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Transcript of Conference Call

Hi guys, this is Swami from Penukonda. And Good Morning to everybody and Good Evening to many people and Early Good Morning and this is Good Evening here. So, nice climate and this is the first time me is calling from global-wide. And watching the Full Moon and so glorious.

The content today is, the subject why I’m calling is right now the Full Moon energy started. It will be, this Full Moon is most precious Full Moon. Every hundred years, once, this Full Moon will come. So, just I want to give some message to you from now until five days a minimum three to five hours what you need to meditate and what you need to concentrate and use this type of powerful vibrations in your soul and implement your energy-the cosmic energy in you-to share that experience in most beautiful way (of) the Divine Shiva energy.

Almost all, before I’m giving this content to you guys, I need to tell one or two of my experiences eleven, twelve years back. This Full Moon is called the Kartika Purnami. It means the pure Shiva Purnami. Every year in this month, this Full Moon is very precious. And many people received so far the Surya Nadi Process, the Sun energy and Moon energy. The Sun and Moon is the most glorious, powerful. And also earth element too, this Earth.

Eleven, twelve years back when your Swami started giving really powerful healings and the different areas of the experience to thousands of people, at that time the Ashram was so big forest and around the big trees and lots of bushes. And practically I observed how these vibrations really impacted when I’m in the Shiva Cave, and meditating in the mountains in my cave, and chanting certain channels. You might think Swami’s talking a little funny, but you have to know the Nature is always commanding on us. The Nature is nothing but the illusions. And the consciousness-it means, is linked with the heart and the mind and the soul and your Brahma consciousness. The consciousness keeps forgetting things. We’re forgetting a lot of things. Even though what you’ve done yesterday, five days back, ten days back, one month back, two years back, you keep forgetting many moments-the happiness moments and tragedy moments.

Today the content is, why I’m telling this, the vibrations how you need to utilize, to stick on only the consciousness of the happiness. How to create the happiness in you? And how to create the success in your personal life, in spiritual life, in relationship life-in all corners there is no failure, just to create victory. Like there is millions of, billions of people, souls, coming and going out. Since millions of years this creation is created. So far in spirituality, spiritual science, many people only recognize the, ‘Who am I, where I’m coming from, what is this leela, what is this happening, what is this maya?’ And your wife and your husband, your friends and your relationships, and your business, your money, your bungalows, your cars, all this stuff is completely a kind of maya. Including your physical beauty and your health-these are all the maya. But this type of the nature is giving you all kind of wounds and all kind of advantages and all kind of disadvantages.

Eleven, twelve years back, your Swami is very frustrated. Travelling the whole globe and he wants to know what is the Reality. I’ve seen these different characters of the saints and different characters of the avadhuts and aghoras and all this stuff. But somewhere, even though I know some certain type of the siddhis and of certain type of the manifestations, whatever-you know me very well, in some angles how I create the confusion in you and how I create to remove the confusion in you. I keep filtering. I’m keep filtering, filtering.

Eleven, twelve years back when I’m in my Shiva Cave coming to the point, watching the moon, so looking at the moon and nonstop chanting my channels and begging to Baba, ‘What is the reality? What is the reality? A snake is a maya. Poison is a maya. It’s biting to a human being, any soul, it’s a maya. The person died, it’s a maya. But I’m seeing the soul is going out and again it’s coming back—that is a Maya. What is the cycle? Where is the end of the cycle?’ That is my question to our Big Boss Baba.

After one and a half hour later, around 2 A.M. of my time, a spark of the divine cosmic energy in a form of huge light and a voice, “If you really have the guts, win me. It’s a challenge, to me. Win me. Recognize me.” It’s a pretty big challenging to me, too. What is that light? What is that Cosmic? That spark hitted it like a thunder from the moon to the earth and standing in front of me and challenging me to find out. What is this? Again, another maya is giving the voice?

And I came down from the mountain, I stood in front of Baba completely confused, frustrated. And I decided I want to completely throw my body and jump out from my body out, and take the jiva samadhi. Mentally I prepared the next full moon I have to take the jiva samadhi. Who cares? So what? Completely merge with Cosmic, I don’t think I really can give the real satya, dharma, shanti, prema to the planet. Many saints they got the victory but they weren’t able to create the real heroes, the real strong healers, the strong really knowledge persons on the planet. Many saints they’re already pretty good. They came and they got failure. Who am I? I can’t able to give my mission completed in a beautiful way. And I want to take the jiva samadhi.

I went to the Baba, Shirdi Baba statue. I climbed up on his stage and I touched his feet. And I hitted my head to his feet, to my third eye, to saying to him pranam, “Thank you.” I took my decision, “Please bless me.” You can’t believe it, the statue turned to his physical form. It’s true. I’m in the frustration; I’m not hypnotized myself. I have really clarity mind. Whenever I touched his statue, it’s completely, his feet is flesh like a real leg! My consciousness is very clear. OK, here you go! Then I touched it and giving gently feeling his warmness through my fingers to my consciousness. If I looked on his face, maybe again he’ll turn as a statue. Only I’m seeing his leg, and I’m begging, and my tears is flowing out without my consciousness. Just flowing out my tears. The tears are also flowing on his feet. I can’t see him. Maybe I’ll lose that moment. Then I really begged him, “Baba, what is my mission? I’m really, really, really frustrated. I don’t want money. I don’t want anything. Just I want to know the satya. I don’t know what is victory, what is un-victory. I don’t know where is the limit for the satchidanananda, real bliss. I don’t know the real tragedy. You are my father, mother, brother, friend, everything you! You are Guruparampara. Show me the path to reach you, to know the reality what’s going on? Why I need to do this job? I want to do one thing; you’re making me to do a different thing. My father wants something, (for me) to become a doctor. But I don’t want that formal education studies. I want to know the real satya. And I came out from my house. I want to know the satya.”

Then again his voice, just simply one sentence, “Don’t feel the burden. Give me your burden to my hands. Just you feel relaxed. Do your duty. Some palm leaf books already is with you. Some more is coming.” And he made me, “Look yourself.” That’s the most powerful transmission he has given to me, guys. Then I looked at it. A layer of a shell removed it. Then I recognized what is my duty, and my reality, where I came from, what I really forgot, he made me to recognize everything, just keep go. From that day onwards until to now, I’m keep running and running and running.

Today why I’m saying you this to you guys, you might have done a lot of amazing processes, a lot of experiences, different angles. After 30, 40 years later, you’ll feel the glory of your connection with your Swami and the Guruparampara and Penukonda. After 100 years later to your children and their children and their children, the Penukonda, this power spot, is nothing but second Tirupati, second Shirdi, the most powerful spot more than the Vatican. Such an amazing power spot is Penukonda. All your power spots is also hidden here.

What is the content today I’m saying here? Leave the burden to Guru Parampara. Don’t hold it! Nothing matters. Whatever’s happening, let it happen. Let’s do whatever the process, no argumentative monkey mind. You feel failure; that failure is given by him. You feel sick; that is given by him. You got the money, name and fame; that is given by him. Everything is the action, whatever you’re doing, there’s a spark playing by his cosmic energy. That’s why Shiva, 99.9% all the time, he’s in the stitha pregnatata stage, with the vibhuti, bhasma sundara, wearing a lot of ash on his body. And with the snakes and holding some tiger skin around his body, and meditating in the graveyard on the Himalayas in pure silence. That silence he really wants to hear the enjoyment of the silence.

Whenever you develop the silence, once you have the weapon of the silence in you, you can kill any violence. The violence is nothing but the blocks, whatever is creating in you. A wild animal nature each soul is carrying in us. Whenever you have the silence consciousness guys, if you’re holding that silence character, the moment whenever the violence, you want to do it, you’re frustrated. If you already had a storage of the silence power in you, in your soul, and your consciousness, it will implement that and make it succeed, and it makes cool down your crazy thoughts.

Doesn’t matter, somebody’s taking the gun and he’s pointing on you, “I’m going to shoot you in 10 seconds,” still you’re laughing and smiling. Whenever you really can win the victory of the fear of death, you are real hero. Whenever you panic for that and always feeling guilty, unworthy— these type of funny things— these are the biggest layers of blocks (you need) to win for the victory and to create a person’s success.

In front of your Swami, many people they come, “Swami, financially I’m really in trouble. Please give me some financial strength. My business needs to get success.” I give the blessing to them, “OK, go ahead.” Once they got financially strengthened, second time again they come, “Swami, my girlfriend is a little funny, I don’t like her, I think she’s cheating me. And my husband is cheating me.” Again, relationship problem; third again, some health issue; fourth again, some family issue—this on and on and on and on.

The materialistic things you keep asking, until you know what the reality is. Today you are young and charming. A lot of kama chakra is flowing in you. Lot of attraction is there. You keep changing the hundreds of layers of thoughts, and different, different, different men, or different, different women. How far, how long you can do that? Very limited. And later on, in the climax stage, you have to think what you really missed it. Even the food, even the precious food, tasty food, if you eat to a limit it is healthy. If you eat too much, even the healthy food, that food will go poisoning. You can’t digest that. Then you have to throw up and you have to get sick.

Even the same with the mind system, on the soul level, and the heart level, and the consciousness level, once you got fed up then you won’t feel the fragrance of any true prema, the love. But the silence, once you develop that, and enjoying whatever you have comfortably, and leading your life to focusing on the real spirituality. Every soul has to turn a kind of second Siddhartha, like a Buddha. Even though he’s the emperor, biggest king having a lot of things surrounding him, the prosperity, wealth and the name and fame, he wants to know what is the satya, what is the reality. That’s why the whole Buddhism was created. And he discovered and he learned a lot of channels through the silence.

Through this Christmas Day, on the Christmas Day, what I’m releasing the book about the Jesus Christ processes with evidences, from the ancient days and the palm leaf books, with the translation, challenging the globe. Not only Jesus Christ did the processes. Many saints did it and they made victories and they recognized it.

My dear guys, my dear divine souls, silence is a weapon. Jesus Christ, his biggest weapon is the love with a huge silence. Buddha’s weapon is silence. He created the silence. The silence is not a joke. To win that silence, that is the real challenge. Shirdi Baba, he’s the avadhut. He’s always sometimes screaming, sometimes he beating the people, and his character—you have to read in your life, minimum three to four times in a year, his book, his life history. The book name is called Sai Satcharitra. Sai Satcharitra. If you read that book, it tells a lot of things. Even though he’s carrying amazing supernatural powers, he’s not attached too much to the material things. But he received lot of dakshinas and lot of testings and he gives a lot of the testings to the devotees, and a lot of angles he plays the leelas. Finally, he gives unbelievable relief, bliss, and he creates the victory. Without his grace today, who am I to put his statue and create a spot, power spot here? Actually in this lifetime it is not my duty but I came a little advance and I want to complete as soon as possible.

These five days, I recommend to the entire global-wide, all counties’ people, doesn’t matter how much you keep doing any spiritual processes, doesn’t matter which religion you follow, try to chant the Sky Mantra— in the Five Elements, the Sky Mantra— minimum one mala, like 15-20 minutes, to maximum 1 or 2 hours. It’s starting just now; the Moon energy is hitted.

Tomorrow night, the same time, your Swami is going to light the flames, the candles, oil candles. Several millions of lights I’m lighting here in the power spot. It’s the first time I’m doing that. So that energy will come into you guys, these vibrations, and it will hit your soul and your consciousness level very strongly in a beautiful way, whoever really chanting the Sky Mantra. I’m going to light that tomorrow, the next day and the next day, these three days, the oil lights, using the Fire element and Earth connecting to the Shiva’s third eye. It will transfer the vibrations to you guys. You might think, “How is it possible?” Today I’m talking on the phone; everybody’s listening. The same kind of vibrations it will hit you and you will feel the difference.

And try to pull as much as you can your Swami to the Europe, guys, especially the Europeans, the Chandra Nadi Process to make it complete as soon as possible. Whoever comes to the Shiva Ratri, I’ll make them to complete the Chandra Nadi, the Moon Energy Process too. And also Japanese and the Chandra Nadi Process also need to complete as soon as possible. And who already completed and received the shaktipat directly from Swami, the Chandra Nadi Process, and if they received the mala, pearl malas from your Swami, “Swami, I have 50 students. I want to give the initiation.” Take the 50 malas blessed by your Swami and then you can go and give the initiation to any students in the globe. But you have to receive the mala directly from your Swami.

This Surya Nadi and Chandra Nadi Process, the senior students I advise them, once you receive the malas from your Swami, I really recommend to teach the breath in and breath out—the
So-Ham, the air element, to make it control in your body and clear out your consciousness system.

So, my dear divine souls, nothing to worry. Nothing to think too much unnecessarily funny stuff. Even though you think, “Swami I expected, I want to see the Jesus Christ physically with my two eyes. Swami, I want to see the Mother Divine physically with two eyes.” No problem. I understood. So already thousands of people is seeing it; they had experiences too. I’m going by layer by layer.

I never, ever trust, I never, ever believe the Kalachakra, the Time. I never trust the clock. The Mahamaya is a clock. Tons of, dozens of, hundreds of spiritual saints, why they got succeed and why they got failures too, because of the Kalachakra. The Kalachakra, today is yours, it feels, it looks yours. Tomorrow you don’t know. You don’t know the tomorrow. Whenever the opportunity comes, you have to utilize that opportunity. You have to win that opportunity. You have to win that victory and stand it.

If you see in India, millions of temples, the power spots they built it. Few power spots is activating it. Look at the Egypt pyramids. They think it’s activating it but they don’t know the real spot in Egypt. If you see the Tirupati, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people visiting every year with like very holy and humble devotion. And I’ve seen the Vatican, the second biggest power spot everybody believes. I really respect the Vatican; it’s so beautiful, but it is a museum. I really scanned that whole Vatican, where is the Jesus Christ power spot is located here? Is anywhere his energy there? His flow of his grace and love is there, but the real power of his cosmic energy is not existing there. And I sent several students to the Bethlehem in Jerusalem and they took the pictures. Once they came with the photos and the videos, there is a lot of Telugu and Sanskrit prayers there. The same thing in the Vatican also, Sanskrit and Telugu prayers is there. I don’t want telling that unnecessary stuff here but you will see once I release the book, the location where is in the Vatican, underneath which statue what sloka, what prayer is written it there. And the Shiva lingams is existent in the Vatican.

There is a huge bridge, but entire whole globe got disconnected. Each selfish saint, each selfish spiritual leaders, they created their own masalas and they diverted their belief systems of the God. God is nothing but you. You are nothing but God. But there is a layer of your blocks, your disturbances is creating the violence in you guys.

If you chant these five days, no matter what type of problems you’re really leading in your life, no matter what type of diseases you’re carrying in your life, no problem! You can challenge; I’m giving an open challenge to whoever believes the Moon energy system, the vibrations, try to chant the Sky Mantra these five days, counting this hour— minimum one mala, maximum 1 hour-2 hours— keep chanting it. Try to be nonstop once you started it. You can go at a stretch, then done. Ten minutes do it, again one hour break, again 30 minutes do it—don’t do that. One slot every day as much as you can. It’s a no disturbance chanting. 100% your Swami is going to take care from Penukonda. It’s the biggest gift I can give to my student’s kingdom. Keep chant the Sky Mantra. You can keep doing your process whatever you want to do, no problem. You can choose any time, no problem. The menses women, no problem, you can do it. Even when you are sick, you are in the hospital, try to chant it. Even though you are busy, find your way, your time, your shower, any place, any time, chant it. Chant it.

The Sky Mantra, I hope everybody knows it. I will repeat that:

Om Lingastakam Needum Punyam
Yaha Patay Shiva Sani Dhow
Shivaloka Mavapnotee
Shivayana Sahamogatay

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That prayer, keep chanting it, chanting it. Then you can feel the vibrations. And I’m really looking forward to seeing you, especially this Christmas Program, the Intensive Course, whatever the entire Jesus Christ the process is done, the first layers. It is the five layers of the book; first layer is going to be completed.

And Maha Shiva Ratri Day, that course what your Swami’s giving, how to win the Avadhut energy. Avadhut is nothing but five elements. How to win the five elements in a beautiful way, in a smooth handling it to overcome the five elements’ illusions. Because we are existing in the five elements, the five elements is already in you. So far everybody charged the five elements in your soul. To overcome the five elements, that is one of the final steps about the Panchabhuta Kriya. It is one of the top books in the palm leaf books. It is almost like 1,000 pages of the palm leaf’s book. That one I need to teach at Shiva Ratri time. Shiva Ratri is nothing but Shiva’s day— Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya— earth, fire, sky, water, air. So even now the Sky Element what you’re doing today onwards is the most important to make it concentrating it.

So, my dear divine souls, be strong and strengthened. Create the silence is my job in you. Create the victory is also part of my job and your job also to be dedicated, and surrenderity. It’s my job. And your job also to cooperate to me and 100% we will win the victory. Once if you know the supernatural cosmic channels, at least it’s a much small mission. Today it’s a small seed and small tree. One day this tree, your channels and your abilities, it will spread to millions of people. Then you really can handle millions of people in a happy and a smooth. And you can change the globe system, the phenomena, the crazy characters, no wars, create the peace and harmony. And you can create the satya, dharma, shanti, prema. That is the ultimate, final victories what you need to do in the planet.

So, my dear divine souls, you have to promise me this Full Moon day:

  1. No Egoism. Point one. “I” did this— no I. Without God’s grace, even though you are a hero you are a zero. The Divine is making you to be a hero; you should be thankful for everything. I, I, I— you have to kill the ego.
  2. Point two: Doubting Nature.
  3. Point three: Forgiving Nature. Forgive. ’It’s okay.’ Forgive.
  4. Point four: Patience. Wait.
  5. Point five: Loving Nature.

Start the day with positive. End the day with positive thinking. Sleep the day with positive thinking. Be in positive and positive and positive. The life will turn into positive. Don’t think the negative thoughts unnecessarily. Don’t hypnotize your mind and your soul and your heart. You’ve seen a lot of hypnotized people. The mind is a very simple, small brain system just easily can get hypnotized. Don’t think yourself self-hypnotizing negative thoughts. Be in a positive, positive, positive. Your life will become positive.

Be strengthened and I heartfully blessing to entire everybody. God bless everybody. The Guruparampara is with you. Leave the burdens to me and Baba and the Mother Almighty. We’ll take care. Do your duty my dear divine souls. Thank you. Good luck. Have a nice day. Love you guys. I’m looking forward to seeing you somewhere in the globe. Bye!

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