Young women chosen to receive the Educational Sponsorshop award
Young women chosen to receive the Educational Sponsorshop award

Concentrate on your studies and become best persons in the society — through better education only one can become best citizens for their nation.

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So for a person who really needs help, help them, but also try to make them develop themselves. Thats another concept.

For example, many people I’ve seen are huge boozers, addicted, with unbelievably low inspiration. You really have to motivate them to make their inspiration come up. You really need to make the depressed people come up—Yes, you’ll do it. You can do it. Giving hope.

Whoever really trusts you and comes to you, give them hope. Thats the real life you can give.
Sri Kaleshwar

Educational Sponsorship Program

Knowledge is wealth. Many youth with the intelligence, inspiration and talent never get the opportunity to apply themselves due to financial difficulties. In 2008 SSGT and its chairman Sri Kaleshwar established an “Educational Sponsorship Program”. Through this scholastic endowment, several hundreds of students are provided economic assistance during critically needed periods of educational curriculum.

After reviewing thousands of applications, the most promising and most financially deprived children received this award. This financial award ensures that these students’ educational costs will be provided and fulfilled during their most critical 11th & 12th standard class years.

Total cost of the first phase of this program has exceeded $250,000 (1 crore), and will grow to three times the size within the next two years. The next target will be to sponsor over 1,000 additional students for the coming semester.

In a speech to the first batch of accepted sponsored students, Sri Kaleshwar had these words for them:

New Engineering College

Giving donation for Sri Krishna Devaraya University
Giving donation for Sri Krishna Devaraya University
Reviewing construction of the new engineering wing
Reviewing construction of the new engineering wing

In 2007 Sri Kaleshwar, the managing chairman of SSGT, pledged over $600,000 (2.5 crores) in total to be used for the construction of a new engeneering wing to the Sri Krishna Devaraya University in Anantapur. This generous donation would allow the college to expand its curriculum, and admit many additional poor students waiting for admission.

SSGT recognizes that the biggest waste of talent is if those students who want to learn cannot due to financial poverty. The future development of society’s members depends on the education of it’s children — without this critical link talent will be wasted. This program now gives the opportunity that talent & education can produce a sustainable positive result to both children and the future of society. At the inauguration ceremony for the completed building on July 22, 2008, this is what Sri Kaleshwar said:

“Looking at the youth working in bars, restaurants and petrol pumps, loosing their strength towards their education life, not only in our country but in all parts of the world; for that reason I (Sri Kaleshwar) donated for the construction of an Engineering college which will be helpful for the poor students who want to do engineering”.

Educational Support Articles

Sri Kaleshwar Receives Honorary Doctorate
Feb 25, 2007 education

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Swami Kaleshwar was conferred with a Doctor of Honors from The Open International University of Complementary Medicine in recognition of his humanitarian works in India. During the awards ceremony in Kuala Lampur, Swamiji’s achievements were singled out by the Chairman of the University who said, “ Service is the highest station man can achieve. The people who receive this award have dedicated and sacrificed their lives for the sake of mankind and have done wonders in the world.” Previous recipients of this award have been Nelson Mandela and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz.

Swami Kaleshwar’s charitable activities in southern India were the cause for his selection for this award: creating a spiritual center in Penukonda where people from throughout the world come to receive spiritual solace and learning; establishment of food camps that fed 10,000 drought victims per day in the state of Andhra Pradesh; donation of 2 crore rupees (about five hundred thousand dollars) to build a College of Engineering at the Krishnadevaraya University; free medical camps for women and children, mega eye camps to provide free cataract surgery to the poor; and recently a pledge from a close devotee to build a 100 crore rupee specialty hospital in the village of Penukonda.

Swamiji commented that the Open University’s philosophy, from whom he received his Doctorate, was similar to his own. The healing practitioners were taught to connect to their patients humanity, for example, not just hand out prescriptions for illnesses, and to relate to the patient on a human level, to understand their suffering. Swamiji refers to this as ‘soul healing’, a fundamental part of his teachings. Swami says, “ Become a simple person – helping, helping, helping. Do some volunteer service. I recommend that every Saturday or Sunday that you go to any old-age home, any hospital, please go and take care of them. When they become used to seeing you, after you visited two or three weeks, then in the fourth week that patient is waiting for you. Hey! When are you coming? They’re very happy. They feel so touched. That you need. That is needed.”

Sri Kaleshwar Donates to Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Jun 12, 2006 education charity

Sri Kaleshwar, based in Penukonda, offered to donate Rs. 2 crores ($440,000) for the creation of infrastructure for the new engineering college to be set up by Sri Krishnadevaraya University. The University Vice Chancellor, A. Rama Rao, along with Registar, R. Ramakrishna Reddy, and University college Principal C. R. Reddy called urging Sri Kaleshwar to help towards the cause of education as the college was coming up in the drought-prone district.

As reported in the Hindu newspaper, Sunday, June, 11, 2006

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